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Haunted House NFPA Code

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Mon, Jun 27, 2011 @ 03:08

Question:  Which NFPA code covers structures such as haunted houses?

Fire retardant plastic

Answer:  NFPA 101 defines haunted houses as, "a building that is temporary, permanent, or mobile that contains a device or system that conveys passengers or provides a walkway along, around or over a course in any direction as a form of amusement arranged so that the egress path is not readily apparent due to visual or audio distractions or intentionally confounded egress path, or is not readily available due to mode of conveyance through the building or structure.  Such structures include amusement such as haunted house, a roller coaster type ride within a building, a multilevel play structure within a building, a submarine ride, and similar amusements where the occupants are not in the open air."

If you visit the NFPA site you, look for section NFPA 101 12.11 (Assembly Occupancies) and section 13.4.7 (Special Amusement Buildings), you will find requirements for Haunted Houses.  The local fire authority has jurisdiction over enforcing all applicable fire and life safety regulations.  We have heard from haunted house customer after customer who has had their haunted house shut down on the spot for not having fire retardant plastic sheeting. Non-fire retardant plastic goes up in flames in a flash. This is why fire marshal's insist upon Fire retardant plastic- whether it is black or white.

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