Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting To Protect Your Projects

GPS: Your Trusted Small Business for Plastic and Tape Solutions Since 2007!

Certified as a small/micro business, GPS has been serving government and non-government entities since 2007, offering top-notch engineered and regular plastic sheeting. While our designation is new, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Explore our extensive range of flexible, heavy-duty plastic sheeting—our core product. From aerospace-approved fire-retardant plastics to greenhouse film, tarps, tapes, and more, GPS has your plastic and tape needs covered. Many products are strategically warehoused across the U.S. for quick delivery, with rolls and pallet quantities available.

Can't find what you need on our site? No worries! Give us a call—we have more than we can showcase. Elevate your plastic and tape solutions with GPS today!

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Plastic Sheeting By Thickness- 10mil, 20 mil, 30 mil, etc

GPS plastic sheeting comes in a multitude of thicknesses. mil, 3 mil, 6 mil on up.

To see plastic sheeting by thicknesses info 

Agricultural Products: Greenhouse Plastic- SolaWrap Bubble Film

 Visit Our Agricultural Products To Find The Following with samples:

  • Greenhouse Complete Kits with SolaWrap  *  SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic (Greenhouse Film) * Beaver Lettuce Rafts  * Green Roof Products * Greenhouse Supplies * Greenhouse Structures/ Frames *  Farm Buildings * Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW film

                        Greenhouse plastic SolaWrap. 17 mil of perfection!  866 597 9298

Protective Packaging- VCI Volatile Corrosion Inhbitors Rust Prevention- Films, Bags, Foams, Tubing...

Rust Prevention with VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) for films, papers, and emitters.

Tapes - Water Resistant, Flame Retardant, Ultra Perm Tape is Crazy Agressive 

Tapes Applications What to use when! Tape Thicknesses 


GEOSYNTHETICS: HDPE Liners, Oil Field Pit Liners/Environmental Products- Heavy Plastic: Geomembranes, Geotextiles


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Fire Retardant Polyester Strapping/ Plastic Strapping, Plastic Sheeting, Tapes, Switchboard Matting

Click here to select fire retardant products.  

Video- Side by side test FR vs Non-FR Plastic Sheeting

The ULTRA Product Line Of Heavy Duty Films, Tarps, Tapes & Strapping

When a product goes above and beyond we brand it under the "Ultra" brand. Visit the page.

  • Ultra FGC- Food Grade Compliant Films used mostly in Aquaponics & Hydroponics
  • Ultra Perm Tape- A waterproof highly aggressive tape
  • Ultra FR Strapping- Flame retardant polyester strapping that is strong and safe.
  • Ultra 20 WW- 20 mil fish and plant safe liner
  • Ultra ASFR Shrink Wrap- A 9 mil heat shrink wrap film- flame retardant & Anti-static
  • Ultra 15 NG- a 15 mil nuclear grade film
  • Ultra Core FR corrugated sheets

Surface Protection (Glass/Window Films, Floor Plastic, Sticky- Self-adhesive Carpet Plastic) Films

                                        Surface Protection Plastic (Glass Films, Carpet, Counters, etc)

 Construction Films-Heavy duty reinforced poly, fire retardant, vapor barrier, etc

                                             View Video Of GPS Countertop Plastic in action!

Vapor Retarders-Under-Slab Vapor Barriers, Gas Blocking Liners, Temporary Erosion Control, Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

View all the vapor barrier/ vapor retarder products.                     

Drainage & Erosion Control-Geotextiles: Enkadrain

Containment Plastic Sheeting: Ultra Heat Shrink Wrap, Polyester Strapping, Zipwall Dust Barrier, Land Capping

Containment Plastic Sheeting: Ultra Heat Shrink Wrap, Polyester Strapping, Zipwall Dust Barrier, Land Capping Call 866 597 9298

Visit the Containment Page Here         

Call 760.597.9298 for information. Thank you!

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers and Basement Liners

Click here to visit  All Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

String Reinforcement

 Athletic Field Covers   
Tarps custom made with grommets, etc

String Reinforcement tarps with grommets   866 597 9298




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