Outdoor Storage Covers- Stockpile Covers

outdoor storage covers and stockpile covers are performance engineered

Griffolyn® outdoor storage covers and stockpile covers are performance engineered for the most difficult applications while providing an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to the toughest weather conditions. Griffolyn® reinforced polyethylene materials are reinforced with a high-strength polyester scrim to resist punctures and tears.

Ask About Specialized Additives:

  •  Fire retardancy for safety applications around critical materials
  • Antistatic and corrosion protection for specific equipment
  • Hat shrinkability to minimize storage and shipping costs as well as other performance characteristics and features.

Exceptional Protection for Equipment and Materials Stored Outdoors

  • Seasonal storage protection for inventory buildup
  • Staging area protection
  • Instant warehouse without the cost of a permanent structure
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
  • Fire Rated
  • Weather proof tarp


Armorlon AT-200 - AT-200 is a PVC coated polyester scrim product. Scrim is 1000 x 1300 denier.

Griffolyn Type-90- is made with 2 layers of white film and one layer of black film with 2 layers of reinforcement.

Griffolyn® TX-1600 is a 3 ply laminate combining 2 layers of U.V. stabilized co extruded polyethylene and a high strength cord grid.

Griffolyn TX-1200- Griffolyn® TX-1200 is a 3-ply laminate combining two layers of linear low density polyethylene and a high-strength cord grid.


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