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Greenhouse Plastic Tufflite Infrared vs. Super4

Posted by Global Plastic Sheeting on Thu, Jun 06, 2024 @ 08:42


Head-to-Head: Tufflite Infrared vs. Super4 Greenhouse Film

greenhouse clear plastic on a greenhouse Tufflite Infrared vs

Greenhouse Plastic- What's the Difference?

Choosing the right greenhouse film is crucial for protecting your plants and maximizing your harvest. Both Tufflite Infrared and Super4 Greenhouse Film are 6-mil films with a 4-year lifespan, but they cater to different grower needs. Let's delve into their key features to help you decide which one reigns supreme for your greenhouse:

Light & Heat Management:

  • Tufflite Infrared: boasts a light-dispersing feature to retain heat inside the greenhouse, ideal for extending your growing season in colder climates.
  • Super4: focuses on outstanding light transmission, aiming for increased plant growth and higher yields.


  • Tufflite Infrared: doesn't explicitly mention advanced tear resistance, but its focus on withstanding harsh weather might translate into good durability.
  • Super4: emphasizes advanced resin technology for superior tear strength and high strength at folds, potentially reducing punctures and tears.

Additional Features:

  • Tufflite Infrared: includes an anti-drip additive for reduced condensation and minimizes the need for pesticides by protecting against pests and diseases.
  • Super4: introduces a bee-friendly feature to enhance pollination, potentially boosting yields further.

The Verdict:

Tufflite Infrared excels in extending your growing season with its heat retention and might be a good choice for colder climates. Its anti-drip and pest protection features also offer additional benefits.

Super4 prioritizes outstanding light transmission and boasts superior tear resistance. The bee-friendly feature makes it ideal for pollination-dependent crops.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs:

  • Prioritize season extension and pest control? Choose Tufflite Infrared.
  • Focus on maximizing light transmission, durability, and bee pollination? Super4 might be the better fit.

Consider your climate, crops grown, and budget when making your final decision. Remember, some suppliers might offer both films, allowing you to mix and match based on specific areas within your greenhouse.


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