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Why does the aerospace indsutry use Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting?

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Mon, Apr 17, 2023 @ 09:30

Fire retardancy is critical for the aerospace industry!

The aerospace industry uses fire retardant polyethylene plastic sheeting for a variety of applications, primarily because of its excellent flame resistance properties. This material can help prevent or slow down the spread of fire in case of an accident or emergency situation.

Fire retardant polyethylene plastic sheeting is commonly used in the aerospace industry as a protective covering for sensitive equipment, wiring, and other components that require shielding from harsh environments, such as moisture, dust, and debris. It is also used to line cargo holds and other areas where fire hazards are present, such as fuel storage tanks, engine compartments, and electrical control rooms. Often this film will be cut to specific shapes to best serve an airline. Fire retardant tubing and woven poly strapping is utilized along with fire retardant tapes.

Another use of fire retardant polyethylene plastic sheeting in the aerospace industry is for temporary barriers, curtains, and partitions. These can be erected quickly to isolate a damaged or contaminated area, and prevent the spread of fire or other hazards.

Overall, the use of fire retardant polyethylene plastic sheeting in the aerospace industry helps to improve safety and reduce the risk of damage or loss of equipment and personnel in case of emergencies.

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