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Why Buy Plastic Sheeting on Line When....

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Thu, Dec 13, 2018 @ 09:03

Why buy plastic sheeting on line when you can go to a big box store?

People often wonder how an entire company can be built around selling plastic sheeting. After all, does it really matter what plastic one uses? Most homeowners will go to the big box store, grab some plastic off the shelf and return home to do their project. In many cases the poly sheeting from the big box store is ample for a simple job around the house. But when and why do people look to other types of polyethylene sheeting?

Certain Applications Require Certain Plastics

Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting

There are times when the plastic sheeting that is selected can make or break a job. Take aerospace, ship building, the Navy and any other job that is required to use a fire retardant or fire rated plastic. When work is done for certain types of industry, flame retardant plastic is a must. Additionally, the plastic sheeting that is used must provide the documentation to prove it has passed certain independent fire tests.  Another place where FR plastic must be used in for public venues such as haunted houses. History has shown us the fatal results that have occurred when a haunted house went up in a blaze in part because the black plastic that was used added to the fuel source.

Anti-Static Poly Sheeting

The telecommunications industry is a prime example of an industry that cannot afford to have a spark ignite the plastic that is covering equipment for what ever reason. They need static dissipation and ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection. Static charges can be problematic if not addressed.

Vapor Retarding/ Vapor Barrier

Most people never think about why commercial builders insist upon using vapor barriers that pass stringent requirements of ASTME-1745 Class A,B,& C. These builders and the architects that spec the plastic are on the hook should water vapor seep up though the flooring ruining thousands of square footage of flooring because an inferior liner that has not been tested to the ASTME-1745 let the moisture through. The same thing goes for apartment building, or a home builder who needs to insure that radon does not poison the occupants of a home or apartment. Yes one roll of plastic sheeting may LOOK the same as another, but if you get out a microscope you will see that the structure of the cells in the plastic are vastly different. Certain basement and crawl space companies will use these tested plastic for their jobs. As a home owner it is important to ask to see the certifications to insure you are not getting an inferior liner that will disintegrate under you home without you ever knowing it.

Greenhouse Plastic

The saying "you get what you pay for" has never been more true when you compare a 6 mil greenhouse cover to a heavy duty greenhouse cover like SolaWrap Greenhouse film. The price difference is there but the 6 mil film may last up to 4 years if it doesn't get destroyed by hail, snow load and wind.  SolaWrap™ (bubble greenhouse film) is the UV resistant plastic greenhouse cover that is transparent, energy saving, greenhouse film that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry. It has a 10 year U.V. warranty against UV degradation, and R value of 1.7 and too many qualities to list here. Visit the SolaWrap page to learn how putting up the greenhouse cover once and forgetting about it for year and years to come may be worth it over the long haul.   

Food Grade Compliant & Fish Safe Liners

The aquaponics and hydroponics industry looks to inure the plastic liners they use won't kill their fish, plants or shrimp or leach chemicals into the system. You aren't going to find this specialized liner just anywhere. Ultra Scrim FGC is used for applications that require a food grade liner; Farms that want organic certification and  Aquaponics, hydroponics, food facilities. This liner meets ASTM D-5199 and certifies that it will do what it claim to provide.

Construction Plastic Sheeting

The construction world is another place that looks for the plastic sheeting to do what it claims it will do. For example there are times when jobs benefit from having self-adhesive covering that stick to the surface they are protecting until the job is finished, and then can be removed without a trace of adhesive. Surfaces that uses self-adhesive films are floors, carpeting, windows, counters, tubs and cabinets. Nobody wants to ruin a brand new marble floor or newly installed tub or window with debris or paint. Self-adhesive films are easy to use making the job move along nicely.

Other types of Polyethylene Sheeting

If you would like to learn more about all the ways engineered plastic sheeting can make the world a cleaner and safer place click here. Each heading will divulge things you may have never considered when buying a roll of plastic!

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Plastic Sheeting for Sheet Metal Protection...What are the options?

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Mon, Dec 03, 2018 @ 01:21

Sheet metal needs protection. For protecting metal using adhesive coated products, we normally like to involve the engineers, and provide a product that works as ideally on the particular metal/finish/process as possible.  In many metal operations, the protective covering is used during manufacturing to keep the metal from being damaged.  

1) Are you using self-adhesive film currently?
    If yes, are there any aspects you wish to improve?  What are you using?

2) Will the metal undergo any processes with protection in place, like bending, shaping, drilling?

3) Will the film be exposed to sunshine while applied?  If so, what is maximum time it could be exposed?

4) Will film be subject to contact with any greases, oils or water while applied?

5) Do you know what size or sizes are ideal?

6) Will film be hand or machine applied?

7) Do you want Clear, tinted, or opaque film?  Is there a color preference?

8)  What will the film need to survive during any processing and shipping periods?
Just give us a call at 866.597.9298 to learn about your options.  Test alt test?

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