Aquaponics liner Ultra Scrim FGC is the Food Grade Compliant Liner

You can't lose with Ultra Scrim FGC (food grade compliant) aquaponics liner! Aquaponics users love it. Beaver Plastics Lettuce Rafts are time tested boards that hold up!  They resist water penetration and give growers a cost-effective system for deep water culture.

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Aquaculture Liners that are fish Safe:

This patented product offers excellent physical properties, outstanding service life, and is non-toxic to fish.


Ultra Scrim FGC Food Grade Compliant, 100% Recyclable ! Great for Aquafarming/ Aquaponics


Ultra Scrim FGC Deep Water Culture 2


Ultra Scrim FGC stands head and shoulders above the rest.. Here's why!

  • 100 % food grade compliant
  •  FDA Compliant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Fish Safe, plant safe, shrimp safe..if it swims its safe!
  • 6' x 100'
This film was engineered specifically for the aquaponics, hydroponic and aquaculture industry were strength, durability, and environmental safety comes first. Nowhere will you find a film that has a multiple axial grid layers that outperforms films twice its thickness with its strength. To learn more click here.
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If you are looking for a certifiably food grade liner, that can be recycled, your search is over. Please give us a call!  866.597.9298.
 Aquaponics is the marriage of hydroponics and aquaculture. It brings together a food production system that combines raising fish in tanks with growing plants in water.  The key when using plastic sheeting is to use one that will not degrade from the elements, leak or worst of all, leach chemicals into the system. Our number one product recommendation is Ultra Scrim FCG. This virgin resin film is free from impurities. This film will astonish and delight you!
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Lettuce Rafts...Not just any lettuce rafts! These are Beaver Plastics Lettuce Rafts! 

Lettuce raft

Are you ready to grow bountiful lettuce and other herbs? Beaver Plastics Lettuce Rafts offers a terrific solution for deep water culture. Beaver's proprietary high-density fusing manufacturing process addresses root intrusion issues. These boards are made from food grade resins. This results in a long-lasting, high-quality, superior product that works."

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