HDPE Liners: Secondary Containment, Oil Field Pit Liners, Textured Geo-liners, Covers for liquid containment

The geosynthetic industry has critical needs for its varying applications. Protecting the environment from petroleum products, hydrocarbons, saltwater, fuel, manure and acids requires a secondary containment liner that will endure these harsh substances. A secondary containment must be a liquid-tight barrier that will contain hazardous materials that are released from a storage container. Please review the liners below to determine the best liner material for your secondary containment needs. No job is too big!

Looking for Spill Containment Berms? Here you go!                                                            

GPS HD Smooth- HDPE Liner

  • 12, 20, 30, 40 & 60 mil Thickness

Containment Liners

XR-5: Oil Containment Liner with 10 yr warranty

  • Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIA)
  • XR-5 geomembrane is UV resistant, has a coefficient of thermal expansion 1/20th of polyethylene, and has an extremely high yield tensile strength.

GPS Tank Liner- Containment Liner

  • 30, 40 and 60 mil thicknesses

Custom HDPE Liners

Best of all, we can custom fabricate HDPE liners to sizes best suited to your application!

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Geomembrane Welder

HDPE Pro-Wedge WelderVM-20

  • Low cost, light weight
  • welds both then PVC and thick HDPE liners

Pond Liner Customer Question- HPDE or LLDPE?

Question:  Do you consider GPS HD 40 mil polyethylene to be a good product to use as
a garden pond liner?  Is it easy to handle and flexible enough to conform to the pond hole?

Answer:  40 mil HDPE is a suitable product for use as a pond liner.  It is one of our two most popular in that thickness range.
  • In most lining applications where there are not contaminated soils or chemicals, LLDPE is the best choice.  It is still very strong, but much easier to work with.  It conforms to surfaces much easier than HD.
  • Pricing is the same, or virtually the same, so neither product has an advantage.
  • We can provide LLDPE in larger sheets, because it can be folded for shipping in many cases.  This often allows a pond liner to be a single sheet with all factory seams.

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