Crawl Space Vapor Barrier/ Heavy Duty Reinforced Liner For A Moisture Barrier                                                                  What is Best for you?

Vapor barriers for crawl space play an important role in:

  •  Reducing and Retarding moisture migration- acting as a moisture barrier

  • Retarding certain gases that come up through the earth  Learn about Radon Here

  • Guarding against mold and mildew and terrible smell

What's the best liner for you? It depends on the ground you are covering, and whether there is radon in your area. Will the crawl space liner be laying on top of sharp rocks?  Some liners are stronger and more heavy duty than others. The stronger thicker liners are better suited for sharp rocky floors. Make sure that each liner below has been tested to the ASTM E 1745. This test says that the materials shall be subject to tests for water vapor permeance, tensile strength, and puncture resistance. Class A is the strongest liner. Lining a basement or crawl space is not fun. It's best to get it right the first time.

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Poly Scrim 6 FR-

Skrim Reinforced Fire Retardant Poly

Poly Scrim 8  

Class C ASTM E-1745 Vapor Retarder   

Reinforced 3 ply laminate. Provides high strength and durability in a lightweight material.

Poly Scrim 12 Antimicrobial


Poly Scrim 14

Reinforced 5 ply. Delivers extra strength for applications requiring additional strength and puncture resistance.

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