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Versatile Heat Shrink Wrap Used For So Many Projects!

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GPS Heat Shrink Wrap film is used for many purposes, including wrapping of Yachts, Boats, Bridges, Agricultural Equipment/Protection/Storage, US Navy Ships, Scaffolding, Shipping covers for pallets, medical supply packaging, food packaging, plus covering and packaging for 10's of thousands of items!

Global Plastic Sheeting specializes in the industrial range of these films, primarily supplying larger sheets, for the heavier duty applications.  While we can supply needs within just about any range, we stock primarily:

 Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI and 5-Ply VCI Heat Shrink Film

GPS Heat Shrink Wrap Film 6 mil- White or Blue- Please contact us.

GPS Heat Shrink Wrap Film 7 mil- White or Blue

GPS 9 mil Heat Shrink Wrap FR- White

GPS 12 mil Heat Shrink Wrap FR  White

Heat Shrink Wrap Film 6, 7 9, 12 mil. heavy duty


Top Picture:110' mast that is covered in heat shrink wrap film at a boat yard. Bottom Picture is the Mars Rover protected in Anti-Static Fire Retardant Heat Shrink Wrap

We want to make sure everyone knows that the National Fire Protection Committee has approved the painting of large yachts under shrink wrap buildings. - See more at:
We want to make sure everyone knows that the National Fire Protection Committee has approved the painting of large yachts under shrink wrap buildings. - See more at:

Poly Scrim 12 mil Heat Shrink FR (Custom Order)

This film has it all!  A 12 mil heat shrink wrap film that is fire retardant, has a high strength cord grid (scrim) to offer additional high strength, and has a UV stabilizer that allows for protection from outdoor weathering. Passes NFPA 701 Test Method 2

  • UV stabilization protects the film from degradation when exposed to sunlight for extended amounts of time
  • Cold-crack resistance offers protection in very cold temperatures
  • Reduces enclosure wind whipping effect
  • Custom fabrication is available to meet your specs. Just give us a call.
  • Protects the largest of shipments
  • Fire retardant to meet safety equipment
  • Moisture and vapor barrier performance from low permeability

Advantages of Heat Shrink Wrap Film:

  • Fast Installation- customers claim they can install in less than ½ the time of former materials used.
  • Stronger and more puncture resistant
  • Encloses work area so it can be heated, extending the time one can work on the project
  • Contains work area to keep blast media, paint over spray, contaminants within the containment
  • Completely encapsulates whatever is being covered or protected
  • Forms around odd shapes
  • Increases productivity within work area, because workers are not distracted by things outside area
  • Maintains a clean work site, not an eyesore to the environment
  • Protects the environment from contaminants
  • Saves money on projects
  • Pleases the EPA, saving on time consuming regulatory hassles
  • Stays nice and tight, does not flap around in the wind like individual tarps

Most strapping used in conjunction with Heat Shrink Wrap in the market today has a break strength of 1100 pounds, Safety Strapping has 2950 pounds, and is usually lower in cost.  Compare the difference, you will be amazed at the uses for this substantially stronger strapping.

Heat Shrink Tape:

Global Plastic Sheeting is one of the Nation's largest providers of Heat Shrink Tape, stocked in 2" and 4" widths. Click here for details. Compare our prices and quality.

white crawl space tape

Support the USA!!! All of these products are 100% MADE in the USA.  Perhaps never in our history has this been more important to all of us.  Please think about this when making purchasing decisions, we cannot keep letting the profits from our purchases keep leaving our country if we are to remain prosperous.

Heat Shrink Wrap Sizes:

Available in thicknesses ranging from 6 mil to 12 mil, non-reinforced and reinforced, in rolls, and in fabricated shapes, fire retardant and non-fire retardant versions.  Heat Shrink Wrap has become wildly popular over the past several years because it securely covers items and fits like a glove!  Once the film has been shrunk, it has amazing strength, and all becomes like one solid piece of plastic, creating airtight enclosures to keep the environment in our out, depending on the application.

GPS Stretch Hooder Film

GPS Stretch Hooder Film-a multi-layer film that speeds up packaging in high volume applications with complete five-sided protection; designed to secure your pallet and even a greater focus on load containment. Learn more here: 


Stretch Hooder Film

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