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Waterproof Tape- Does it exist?

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Fri, Jan 30, 2015 @ 01:52

Question:Can you recommend a tape to hold plastic together for a pond liner that is waterproof? Does such a waterproof tape even exist?

Answer: Ye, waterproof tape does exit!  Taping pond liners can be tricky business. Common types of liners expand and contract over temperature ranges, and the liners commonly used can expand and contract by as much as 5%. This alone makes successful taping of liners a challenge. As ponds are filled with water, the liner settles, and the water stretches the liners. Any taped seams are put under additional stress. There are waterproof tapes on the market, which can be used for this purpose if there is no other choice, and for repairs.(Click here for waterproof tapes_ 225 Fr tape, Butyl tape.) My highest recommendation goes to lining the pond with a one-piece liner, or one that can be welded in the field. Global Plastic Sheeting, Inc. offers a nice selection of pond liners made from 100% virgin resins.

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