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SolaWrap ™ Greenhouse Plastic Film for Commercial Greenhouses and Hobbyist                                                        It's the  Greenhouse Film with the BUBBLES that stands up to snow!

 SolaWrap Greenhouse with the 120 pound per square foot snow rating Greenhouse Install SolaWrap  The one and done film  Call us for a free sample packet  769 597 9298

SolaWrap™ (bubble greenhouse film) is the clear  UV resistant/ UV treated plastic greenhouse cover that is transparent, energy-saving, /greenhouse film (greenhouse plastic)  that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry. SolaWrap defines "Heavy Duty" greenhouse covering.

✅ 10-year warranty against UV degradation (better warranty than polycarbonate)

✅ R-Value 1.7

✅ 83% transparency

✅ Insulation/R-Value (ASTMC177-10): 1.7 (ft ^ 2th)/ BTU

✅ Heat conductivity: 0.04 BtU/ft&*h (Fahrenheit)

✅ Up to 83% diffused light (only product on the market with both high transparency and high diffusion)

✅ 120 lbs per square foot snow load rating (approx 15 feet of snow)

✅ 100 mph wind rating (has survived 135 mph windstorms in Alaska)

✅  Total Thickness: 334 mil  0.34" (+/-.04")

✅ Roll Width: 4', 5'. 6'

✅ Roll Length: 328 ft

✅ Weight per square foot: 170-178

✅ UV Stabilization/ durability: 1.8 x 10^6 BTU/sq ft (20920 M/m Λ 2, equivalent to 10 years in central Europe at an average solar radiation of 4184 MJ/m ^ 2 or 100 kly/year. 

✅ Anti-fog/ anti-condensation additive

✅ 30 years and still going for houses in Europe!

✅ Does not yellow or get brittle

✅ Flexible so it can be rolled up inside wall curtains

✅ More cost efficient than polycarbonate

Growing Cannabis In A SolaWrap Greenhouse

Who is SolaWrap Film For:

1.  Anyone who lives in a climate with tough conditions- snow, wind, high heat....

2. Anyone who has/wants a greenhouse and needs more than 4 years out of the film in most cases before replacing.

3.  Read below to learn more, or....

4. Is this film right for you? Just give us a quick call ( 760 597 9298 ) and ask or click on the button from your cell phone:

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SolaWrap 334 mil thick greenhouse plastic!

SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic- 10 yr UV warranty  334 mil thick  WOW


Geodesic Domes Love SolaWrap

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10 Year UV Protection

Global Plastic Sheeting guarantees SolaWrap with a 5-year warrantee against UV degradation. Tested and proven over 30 years, amazingly the films do not
change in color or transmission charecteristics after being exposed on greenhouses as shown in table below

High transparency
SolaWrap guarantees an even light diffusion over the entirety of the structure. The uniquely allows a substantial amount of sunlight, approximately 83% of which is diffused by healthy infrared light, diffusing through more than 100 air bubbles per square foot. The diffused light scatters evenly so as to avoid and eliminate the common difficulties of both shading and burning areas with the structure.

SolaWrap Comparison Chart of different greenhouse covers

Significant energy savings

SolaWrap simply saves more energy. Its unique German design features plastic air bubbles, that are specifically engineered for thermal insulation and diffusion of sunlight. In combination with the profile attachment, the keder locking mechanism ensures a water and air-tight structure that withstands even the most extreme elements and climates. LP-Keder provides an insulating effect that retains up to 95% of heat radiation
with an impressive R-value of 1.7. This energy efficient design represents significant cost savings for its users.

SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic is Energy Saving





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Customer comment: "I have been working in northern CA managing, constructing of dep houses, plumbing, electrical etc for 3 farms up here for the last 3 years. I tried to get them to use SolaWrap but they were on a budget and didn't want to make the investment at the time. Fast forward to now when that cheap reinforced plastic is failing and causing a multitude of problems and we need to re-skin. Well I finally have approval to use SolaWrap".

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