SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic Offering A 10 Year UV Warranty!

  SolaWrap ™ Greenhouse Plastic Film for Commercial Greenhouses and Hobbyist                                                                       It's the  Greenhouse Film with the BUBBLES that Holds Up in Rough Weather!

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The middle image show a SolaWrap Greenhouse that is in Ishpeming, Michigan.  Snowfall is 161 inches. The average US city gets 26 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 83. On average, there are 184 sunny days per year in Ishpeming, Michigan.                                                New Things Sprouting at SolaWrap Headquarters...

SolaWrap™ (bubble greenhouse film) is the clear  UV resistant/ UV treated plastic greenhouse cover that is transparent, energy saving, /greenhouse film (greenhouse plastic)  that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry. SolaWrap defines "Heavy Duty" greenhouse covering!

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