SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic Offering A 10 Year UV Warranty!

                                   SolaWrap ™ Greenhouse Plastic Film for Commercial Greenhouses and Hobbyist                                                        It's the  Greenhouse Film with the BUBBLES that stands up to snow!

Greenhouse Plastic in Snow

Results of the 6 year research trial- SolaWrap vs 6 mil poly! CHECK IT OUT HERE!


Who is SolaWrap Film For:

1.  Anyone who lives in a climate with tough conditions- snow, wind, high heat....

2. Anyone who has/wants a greenhouse and needs more than 4 years out of the film in most cases before replacing.

3.  Read below to learn more, or....

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Customer Question: Is it true that polyethylene degrades when in comes in contact with PVC? Is there a barrier between the SolaWrap and the PVC connector?

SolaWrap Answer:  Your question is absolutely correct.  The key is how the structure or contact points vent or off gas.  In the case of our proprietary connection system, it vents 100% of the time and does not hold gas or off gas that comes from PVC.  Our PVC connectors are also stabilized and are a special blend that reduces this effect. 
If you look at our connectors it is an open system so nothing is held back in the way of pocketing.  Most PVC buildings, where you see this occur, happens when the gas is trapped by the film and has a chance to enter the films physical structure.  

Growing Cannabis In A SolaWrap Greenhouse

SolaWrap™ (bubble greenhouse film) is the clear  UV resistant/ UV treated plastic greenhouse cover that is transparent, energy saving, /greenhouse film (greenhouse plastic)  that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry. SolaWrap defines "Heavy Duty" greenhouse covering!





Customer comment: "I have been working in northern CA managing, constructing of dep houses, plumbing, electrical etc for 3 farms up here for the last 3 years. I tried to get them to use SolaWrap but they were on a budget and didn't want to make the investment at the time. Fast forward to now when that cheap reinforced plastic is failing and causing a multitude of problems and we need to re-skin. Well I finally have approval to use SolaWrap".

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