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The World of Smooth LLDPE Unraveled

Introduction: Delve into the dynamic realm of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), where the spotlight shines on its smooth variant. This comprehensive blog unravels the intricacies of smooth LLDPE, providing insights into its production process, diverse applications, and enduring longevity.

Production Process: Smooth LLDPE emerges from a sophisticated manufacturing process, a result of cutting-edge polymer technology. The meticulous crafting ensures a flawless surface, distinguishing it in the vast landscape of polyethylene.

Applications: The versatility of smooth LLDPE finds expression across a spectrum of applications. From its role in advanced packaging solutions to contributing strength and resilience in construction projects, this polymer proves its mettle. Dive into specific use cases, exploring how its smooth nature enhances performance in various industries.

Packaging Prowess: In the packaging realm, smooth LLDPE takes the stage with unparalleled finesse. Its smooth surface facilitates effortless wrapping, ensuring a sleek and professional finish. Whether safeguarding products during transit or enhancing the visual appeal of packaging, smooth LLDPE emerges as a go-to choice.

Construction Excellence: Smooth LLDPE's contribution extends to the construction sector, where its durable and flexible nature becomes a game-changer. From geomembranes to liners, this material plays a crucial role in providing a seamless barrier against environmental elements, contributing to the longevity of structures.

Enduring Longevity: The blog explores the factors that contribute to the lasting impact of smooth LLDPE. Resilient in the face of environmental challenges, this polymer withstands the test of time, offering a reliable and enduring solution for diverse applications.

LLDPE is used for  Fresh Water Pits ♦   Flowback Pits ♦ Secondary Containment ♦   Aboveground Storage Tanks ♦ Landfill

LLDPE is a film that has higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than it's cousin LDPE. It is very flexible and elongates if stressed. It has good environmental stress crack resistance, and is resistant to chemicals. 

LLDPE is a flexible and durable multipurpose liner.

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LLDPE Polyethylene Plastic Liner for secondary containment GPS LL Textured LLDPE- Linear Low Density Polyethylene-jpg-1


                                  When do you use HDPE versus LLDPE?  HDPE LLDPE APPLICATION CHART

***1000 square foot minimum orders***

GPS LL Smooth| LLDPE Liner

  • Smooth LLDPE Liner
  • 20, 30,40,60.80 mil
  • Used for wastewater containment liner, impoundment liners, water water lagoon liners and more.





GPS LL Smooth LLDPE Nominal

  • 12,20,30,40,60 mil
  • Used for Frac Pits, GPS LL Smooth LLDPE Nominal




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