LLDPE- Linear Low-Density Polyethylene- A  Flexible and Durable Multipurpose Liner

LLDPE is a film that has higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than it's cousin LDPE. It is very flexible and elongates if stressed. It has good environmental stress crack resistance, and is resistant to chemicals. Bring us your biggest job and let us show you how well priced we are!

LLDPE Polyethylene Plastic Liner for secondary containment

LLDPE Application include but not limited to:

Coal Ash Impoundments    Reserve Pits     Frac Pits   Under Rig Liner   Retention Ponds  Fresh Water Pits   Flowback Pits

Secondary Containment   Aboveground Storage Tanks ♦ Landfill

When do you use HDPE versus LLDPE?  HDPE/ LLDPE Application Chart

***1000 square foot minimum orders***

GPS LL Smooth| LLDPE Liner

  • Smooth LLDPE Liner
  • 20, 30,40,60.80 mil
  • Used for wastewater containment liner, impoundment liners, water water lagoon liners and more.




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GPS LL Smooth LLDPE Nominal

  • 12,20,30,40,60 mil
  • Used for Frac Pits, GPS LL Smooth LLDPE Nominal




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