Nursery Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting and SolaWrap Greenhouse Film- Your Choice

Greenhouse Standard Coverings with Clear Poly Sheeting Or SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic Bubble Film



Greenhouse growers have several options when it comes to covering their greenhouses. There are different thicknesses of clear poly films as well as a thicker bubble film called SolaWrap. Please visit the information below to select the best choice for your greenhouse needs.

Read this article comparing your greenhouse covering options:

Standard Greenhouse Coverings

Please click on this link to visit the following nursury films:

  • Tufflite Infrared
  • Super4 Greenhouse Film
  • Griffolyn TX- 1200
  • Tufflite 1 Year Clear
  • Tufflite CoPoly
  • Griffolyn TX- 1600
  • Tufflite Black & WHite
  • Thermax Ainti-condensate film
  • Tufflite IV
  • Luminance Tunnel Film
  • Griffolyn Type 90

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SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic Offering A 10- Year UV Warranty!

SolaWrap™ (bubble greenhouse film) is the clear  UV resistant/ UV treated plastic greenhouse cover that is transparent, energy-saving, /greenhouse film (greenhouse plastic)  that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry. SolaWrap defines "Heavy Duty" greenhouse covering.

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 Please note that there will be a postage charge for international shipping outside the USA. Happy Growing!  760 597 9298!