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Plastic sheeting comes in various thicknesses, which are measured in "mil." A mil is equal to one-thousandth of an inch or 0.001 inch, similar to the thickness of a human hair. The most common thickness rating for plastic sheeting is 6 mil, which is 0.006 inch or 6-thousandths of an inch. Generally, thicker plastic is stronger, and if it has string or scrim reinforcement, it gains additional strength from the embedded string.

However, the composition of the plastic can also be crucial, regardless of thickness. For example, if fire retardant properties are required, additives in the plastic, such as fire retardant additives, play a more significant role than the thickness itself.

It's important to note that the term "heavy gauge" should not be confused with "heavy mil" when referring to plastic sheeting. "Gauge" is used to measure the thickness of metal and does not apply to plastic sheets.

To understand the differences between mil, mm, and inches, you can find more information here. Similarly, you can learn about the distinctions between micron and mil.

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For reference, here are the thicknesses of some common items in mils:

  • Dime: 53 mils
  • Credit Card: 30 mils
  • 10 pieces of paper: 10 mils
  • Plastic grocery bag: 2.25-3 mils

To find the appropriate thickness of plastic sheeting for your project, you can click on the provided links or browse directly by thickness. Please note that plastic sheets converted into tarps are available on a custom basis.

We're here to assist you in finding the right plastic sheeting for your needs.

Learn more about the differences between Mil, mm, and inches here.

Learn the differences between micron and mil

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Click on the links below to select the thickness for the plastic sheeting roll that will best serve your project or shop by thickness Directly- Sold by the roll in most cases. Plastic sheets made into tarps are  available on a custom basis. 

Aerospace options

.7mil -  10 mil Construction-Grade Plastic Sheeting

3 Mil Plastic Sheeting

6 Mil Plastic Sheeting

8 Mil Plastic Sheeting

12 Mil Plastic Sheeting

14 Mil Heavy Duty Liner

15 Mil Plastic Sheeting

20 Mil Plastic Sheeting

30 Mil Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

36,45. 60 Potable Polypropylene Geomembranes

40 Mil HDPE

60 - 100 Mil Thick Heavy Duty Liners/Heavy Plastic Sheeting for big jobs.

XR-5 Heaviest of Duty Geomembrane liners

Common roll sizes include: 4' x 100', 6' x 100', 6.75' x 100',  8' x 100', 12' x 100', 20' x 100'

GPS Corrugated Plastic- Plastic sheets/ boards Regular and Fire Retardant- 4mm

Not sure which thickness you should use for which application?  Click here to see a plastic sheeting thickness application chart.

What constitutes "heavy duty plastic"? 

Thickness of Plastic Sheeting

75 mil

60 mil

50 mil

10 mil

6 mil

4 mil


Common item for comparison




Business card

white trash bag used in kitchens

standard piece of paper


Plastic Sheeting Conversions Thickness Table: Mil to Inches

1 Mil to Inches = 0.001

70 Mil to Inches = 0.07

2 Mil to Inches = 0.002

80 Mil to Inches = 0.08

3 Mil to Inches = 0.003

90 Mil to Inches = 0.09

4 Mil to Inches = 0.004

100 Mil to Inches = 0.1

5 Mil to Inches = 0.005

200 Mil to Inches = 0.2

6 Mil to Inches = 0.006

300 Mil to Inches = 0.3

7 Mil to Inches = 0.007

400 Mil to Inches = 0.4

8 Mil to Inches = 0.008

500 Mil to Inches = 0.5

9 Mil to Inches = 0.009

600 Mil to Inches = 0.6

10 Mil to Inches = 0.01

800 Mil to Inches = 0.8

20 Mil to Inches = 0.02

900 Mil to Inches = 0.9

30 Mil to Inches = 0.03

1,000 Mil to Inches = 1

40 Mil to Inches = 0.04

10,000 Mil to Inches = 10

50 Mil to Inches = 0.05

100,000 Mil to Inches = 100

60 Mil to Inches = 0.06

1,000,000 Mil to Inches = 1000


Common Uses For Different Thickness of Plastic Sheeting

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting:

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting- what is it? It first boils down to what job will the plastic sheeting be required to perform? A six mil reinforced film can be considered "heavy duty" when it is used to cover a desk to keep it clear of dust. That same "heavy duty sheet" would not be strong enough to line a landfill.  Understanding the strength and thickness of the film, its composition and additives and chemical make-up as well as the job it has to perform will help determine if a film is fit for the job at hand. It is critical that the film not only be assessed on its mil thickness.  For example, if the film is in the sun, it needs UV protection additives to maintain its strength.


 Plastic Sheeting Mil Thickness Uses

1-2 mil

 Economical/ light duty protection for indoor painting • Covering equipment • pallets • furniture during painting

3 mil

 Self-Adhesive plastics for: Counters, Carpeting, Floors, Hardwood, Tile, Bath Tubs C&A Films:  Painting, Covers (thickness equivalent is a plastic shopping bag)

6 Mil

 Barge Liners/ Liners • Construction Enclosures • Temporary Erosion Control • Construction Enclosures • Remediation  Covers

Temporary liners or Covers • Shipping and Packaging•Insulation Membranes • Curtains•Job Site Covers • Vapor Retarders •  Lumber Covers • Cargo Wraps·Silage Covers • Greenhouse Plastic • Heat  Shrink Wrap • Anti-Static Equipment Covers

10 Mil

  Pond/Canal Linings • Outdoor Coverings • Remediation Liners • Cargo  Oil Field Pit Liners • Silage Covers•  Unexposed lining applications Construction Enclosures • Vapor Retarders • Asbestos Abatements • Fumigation  Covers•Insulation Membranes • Temporary Walls-Curtains • Job Site Coverings • Temporary Wall Remediation Covers• Temporary Erosion Control -Thickness equivalent would be 10 sheets of paper.

12 Mil

 Daily Landfill Covers • Cargo Covering • Interim Landfill Covers• Remediation Covers or Liners • Outdoor Covers  •Temporary Rainshed Covers

14 Mil

 Protective Coverings for decks on Navy ships, Coast Guard Fleet, Mega yachts, Commercial Flooring, Hospitals,  Laboratories, Government Facilities, and Power plants.

15 Mil

 Under-slab Vapor Barrier • Foundation Wall Vapor Barrier

20 Mil

 Aquaponics liners • Vapor Retarders • Daily Landfill Covers • Interim Landfill Caps • Erosion Control Cover • Under-slab Vapor  Retarders • Earthen Liners • Grain Storage

24 Mil

 Hay Covers

30 Mil

40 Mil

 Containment Liners • Oilfield Pit Liners • Fish Hatchery Liners • Canal Liners • Interim Landfill Covers • Outdoor Covers

 Root barrier, pit liners, soil remediation, canal liner

 What is thicker 10 mil or 6 mil? Click here.

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