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Great uses for a 15 mil Polyethylene Sheeting

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Tue, Jul 19, 2022 @ 04:19

Great uses for a 15 mil Polyethylene Sheeting

Containment Liners: Containment liners are used for the containment of liquids preventing pollution or contamination of the earth.

Fish Hatchery Liners:  Fish Hatchery Liners are used for aquaculture, aquaponics and commercial hatcheries for creating ponds to raise the fish.

Canal Liners: Canal Liners are useful for minimizing water seepage in a canal.

Farm Pond Liners: Farm Pond Liners are used to create ponds for farms.

Decorative Ponds Liners: Decorative Pond Liners can hold fish and vegetation.


Vapor Retarders for under slabs and in walls: often used as a vapor/moisture retarder underslab and within wall

Radon Retarder: Radon Retarders are specially made liners that will retard Radon gas.

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