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Is Plastic Sheeting Fire Resistant?

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Thu, Nov 17, 2022 @ 11:04

Is Plastic Sheeting Fire Resistant? Is that the same thing as flame retardant? Yes it is IF and ONLY IF it has a fire retardant additive added to the plastic during imanufacturing. Other produts can be fire retardant such as tapes, strapping, corrugated board, etc.

To learn more visit our Fire Retardant Films page where you can see all sorts of fire retardant films, tapes, strapping and other products.

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Be The Guardian Of Your Home- Stop Radon!

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, Nov 03, 2022 @ 09:41

Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier- 866 597 9298


Ever since mankind began building homes, cities and countries they have always looked for ways to protect them from harm. With this came the originals of the Sentinel.  From antiquity to the modern era, the Sentinels were the guardians of the realm; protecting those in it from invading armies and marauding raiders looking to cause havoc and destruction to one’s home.

Now the days the marauding raiders are long gone but we still need to protect ourselves from the forces of nature that can cause harm to our homes and our health.  Everyday gases like water vapor, carbon monoxide, and radon come up from the earth and into our homes; which if not controlled can cause series problems to our homes but worse to our health.  All of these gases are naturally occurring, and have been proven to cause severe respiratory health problems and even loss of life if not monitored or controlled.

Part of our ongoing goal at Global Plastic Sheeting is to provide solutions for controlling dangerous gases that invade our living conditions.  We have developed  Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier. Just like the Sentinel has always been the guardian at the gates, Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier can now protect us against harmful radon. 

Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier is a 5 layer barrier engineered to have low permeability, extreme strength on a very durability material.  Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier blocks out radon and water vapor even during extreme seasonal temperature changes.

Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier is available in 4’, 8’, 12’ and 20’ widths.  Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions.  866-597-9298.

Be the Guardian of your home with Sentinel XS Radon Vapor Barrier!

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