Gym Floor- All Floor Covers & Tarps

Gym Floor Covers Protect From High heels, Tables, Chairs, Food and Drinks 

Gym Floor Covers Protect From

  • High Heels, Tables, Chairs, Food and Drinks 
  • Unwanted Denting, Scuffing and Scraping
  • Ideal for Light, Medium, and Heavy Floor Traffic

Preven damge from baseball, football, cricket and softball fields with Athletic Field Covers- click here.

Gym Floor Covers Features

  • Gym floor covers are available in white, red, beige, black and many other colors
  • All gym floor covers are custom cut and sized to fit your labor constraints
  • Wide range of price and weight options to fit your schools budget
  • Weatherproof tarps & covers
  • PVC coated materials available
  • Reef's gym floor protection covers protect against scratches, scuffs, any food/drink spillage and anything that can harm the floor
  • These covers come in many different colors and can be customized to your specific sizing

Griffolyn® Type-85 is a 5-ply laminate combining three layers of high density polyethylene and two high-strength cord grids.

Griffolyn® Type 90 is made with 2 layers of white film and one layer of black film with 2 layers of reinforcement.

Griffolyn® Type-105 is a 7-ply laminate combining four layers of high density polyethylene and three high-strength cord grids.

Griffolyn TX-1200- Griffolyn® TX-1200 is a 3-ply laminate combining two layers of linear low density polyethylene and a high-strength cord grid.

A-20 is a fire retardant, woven HDPE scrim with a polyethylene coating on both sides.

Armorlon AT-200 - AT-200 is a PVC coated polyester scrim product. Scrim is 1000 x 1300 denier.

Armorlon AT-300 FR- AT-300 FR is a heavy duty 18 oz PVC laminated polyester scrim product with taffeta embossed finish.

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