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Tapes-GPS Perm Tape, Heat Shrink Wrap Tape, Carpet Protection Tape,Flame Retardant Tapes, Low Residue, Double-Sided- Tapes that bond to plastic, Tapes for Plastic Sheeting

 Polyken 225FR Tape 2" x 60 yds Fire/Flame Retardant Cloth Duct Tape

Polyken 225FR Tape 2

Polyken 225 FR is a superior flame retardant polyethylene coated moisture resistant tape with an exceptionally aggressive adhesive to a variety of substrates including steel and plastic. MORE INFO

Learn more about the differences between Polyken 225 Fr and 268 FR at the bottom of this page.

GPS 757- 7 mil Tape

Abatement industry: hang and patch poly sheeting, seal waste disposal bags, etc. Labeling and color coding. Short-term masking for stucco and plaster. Bundling, wrapping, and repairs. Temporary surface protection.

More info here

GPS 759- 9 mil Tape

  • Heavy-duty polyethylene splicing and hanging applications.
  • Seaming and patching shrink wrap for indoor/outdoor storage of marine, RV, and other equipment.
  • Separation of dissimilar metals.
  • Achieving waterproof packaging solutions.

More Info Here


Greenhouse Repair Tape- More info here

  • Patching Tape
  • Expands the life of your greenhouse

GPS Res Free Tape

  • LDPE 
  • Acrylic Adhesive
  • High adhesion and cohesion
  • Conformable for irregular surfaces
  • Excellent moisture barrier


 Heat Shrink Tape

  • 4" x 180' and 2" x 180'

  • Adheres very strongly to heat shrink wrap polyethylene 

  • Made this one to withstand the elements, so it adheres very well over a wide temperature range. 

  • Highly water resistant, strong and durable, while remaining flexible and conformable. 



ZipWall Double Sided Tape

  •  Holds plastic sheeting to the wall without harming the wall surface!
  • Coverthermostats, paintings on a wall, window openings, etc.  
  • Double-sided tape is like traditional painter's tape on one side, while the other side has an adhesive designed specifically to hold plastic sheeting in tact. 
  • This tape is made with paper not cloth, so its a cinch to tear.  You can forget the scissors and knives. 
  • Readjustable up to an hour
  • Rated for 14 days
  • Roll Size:  1" x 60', 2' x 60'
  • Side 1 is like painters tape-Side 2 hold plastic tightly

 R25B Tape 

R25B Tape

  • Single sided aggressive synthetic elastomeric adhesive that bonds instantly to properly prepared polyethylene and polypropylene.


Polyken 820 MEGAGRIP Permanent Waterproof Tape

Polyken 820 tape-jpgPolyken 820 MEGAGRIP Permanent Waterproof Tape

Secure/seal vapor barrier materials for concrete walls and floors. Sealing heavy-duty floor covering and protection materials. Waterproof patch and repair application on sheet metal, aluminum, copper, PVC, plastic sheeting, tarps, pool liners, and more. Waterproof bundling. MORE INFO

Polyken 268 Black FR(Flame Retardant) Tape 2" x 100' 

Polyken 268 black FR tape is a medium adhesion Black Color Tape, General-duty, Low chance of adhesive residue on surface when tape is removed. 


Polyken 108 FR- Double Coated.

Meets many EOM Specs

Vapor Seamimg Tape

Vapor Bond Tape

This heavy duty white single-sided tape combines a heavy duty, weather-resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive.  It provides excellent seaming strength for vapor retarder, cover, and liner applications.

2" x 180', 4" x 180'


Typical Value

Typical Value


Test method

Total thickness

8 mils


ASTM D 1000


Adhesion to Steel

60 oz./in.

6.56 N/cm


Adhesion to Backing

22 oz./in

2.42 N/cm


Tensile Strength

21 lb./in.

36.78 N/cm

ASTM D 1000

Maximum Performance Temperature

200 D F



MVTR (96% RH, 100°F)

0.112 Perms


ASTM D-3833

E longation (%)

70 %



Tack (Rolling Ball)




Minimum Application Temp






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The Fire Test:  FR versus Non-FR Tapes under a 2000 degree flame!

Differences Between Polyken 225 Fr and Polyken 268 FR in general terms:

The Polyken 225FR has significantly more aggressive adhesive than the 268FR. 225 FR works extremely well when seaming polyethylene, sealing containers, permanently taping items where FR Tape is needed. 

If Polyken 225FR is used on drywall, for instance, it will likely damage the drywall upon removal. On painted metal surfaces, it will adhere quite strongly. It may be difficult to remove, and is likely to leave adhesive residue if removed. 
Polyken 268 Black FR, was initially used almost exclusively for wrapping vehicle wiring. 268 is not nearly as aggressive as 225FR. 268 can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, and is significantly less likely to cause damage or leave residue when removed. 
Polyken 268 has been used during US Navy New Build, and Refits. (Both Wetdocks and Drydocks).  Because solvent use is severely limited for cleaning residue off painted surfaces, the Navy wanted a tape less likely to leave residue. Polyken 268 works very well with DeckProtek to Tape to the surfaces. 
If you are seaming FR Sheeting, then Polyken 225FR is the better choice.  When taping Sheeting to damage prone surfaces, then Polyken 268 FR is likely the better choice. 

Repairing Polyethylene liners

Question: Can Polyethylene Liners be Repaired with tape?  

 Repairing these liners can be a bit tricky.  The best method is welding, if that is possible.  There are no glues that chemically bond polyethylene well.

GPS have the most aggressive tapes we have ever seen, and have had quite a few customers report good results with either taping tears or holes, or applying patches.

The single sided tape is called Perm Tape, 4" x 100' 

If you would be applying a patch, then we also recommend using a double sided, Reinforced Butyl tape, 1.5" x 100' .  This is a permanently flexible waterproof tape.  Ideally it would be applied to the entire back of the patch, then the patch applied over the area.  Then the Perm Tape applied all around the edges.

It is important that the liner is as clean as possible prior to taping.  Certain cleaners can damage polyethylene, so we always recommend testing a small area well above the water line, or in the anchor trench.  If any damage occurs, it happens within minutes, and can be seen visually.  Usually using a sponge with the green scrubbing pad on the back works well enough.  The liner should also be dry before application.

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