FAQ For Global Plastic Sheeting

 Presented below are Frequently Asked Questions of Global Plastic Sheeting.

What is Global Plastic Sheeting?

Global Plastic Sheeting is a reputable supplier of high-quality plastic sheeting materials, tapes and strapping offering a wide range of products to meet diverse industry needs.

What types of plastic sheeting does Global Plastic Sheeting offer?

Global Plastic Sheeting offers various types of plastic sheets, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and corrugated plastic sheets.

Can I order custom-sized plastic sheets?

Yes, Global Plastic Sheeting provides the flexibility to order custom-sized plastic sheets to suit specific project requirements.

What are the applications of plastic sheeting?

Plastic sheeting has numerous applications, including packaging, construction, agriculture, signage, and more.

Can plastic sheeting be made UV-resistant?

Yes, many plastic sheets offered by Global Plastic Sheeting are UV-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

Is fire-retardant plastic sheeting available?

Yes, Global Plastic Sheeting offers fire-retardant plastic sheets, including those that meet UL 94, NFPA 701, and ASTM E-84 standards.

Can plastic sheeting be used for waterproofing?

Yes, plastic sheeting is often used for waterproofing applications due to its impermeable nature.

What is the thickness range of plastic sheets?

Plastic sheets are available in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 2  mil to 150 mil for flexible films,  10 mm or 40" for corrugated boards, and at least 2" for rigid plastics. The maximum width is 200' wide.  Depending on product, maximum length can be 15000'.

Is the plastic sheeting recyclable?

Yes, many plastic sheets offered by Global Plastic Sheeting are 100% recyclable, promoting sustainability.

What industries does Global Plastic Sheeting serve?

Global Plastic Sheeting serves a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture,ship building, aerospace, packaging, automotive, and  much more.

Are the plastic sheets resistant to chemicals?

Yes, depending on the type of plastic sheeting, they can exhibit resistance to chemicals, making them suitable for specific applications.

Can plastic sheeting be used in outdoor construction projects?

Yes, plastic sheeting is commonly used in outdoor construction projects for protection, insulation, and containment.

Is polyethylene suitable for construction applications?

Yes, polyethylene plastic sheets are widely used in construction for their durability and versatility.

Does Global Plastic Sheeting  make customer films?

Yes, talk to one of our associates and tell us your needs.

When was GPS founded?

GPS was founded in 2007.

Can GPS make FR tubing?

Yes. Ask to speak to Lee Hinsley.

What is the difference between plastic sheeting you can buy at a big box store and the film at GPS?

GPS offers 99% virgin resin film, ensuring pure, high-quality material that meets specific test requirements for reliable application use.

Does Global Plastic Sheeting Ship internationally?


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