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Fireproof Construction Materials: Corrugated Boards

Posted by Global Plastic Sheeting on Tue, Feb 06, 2024 @ 04:41

Fire Safety in Construction: The Power of Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards

In the bustling world of construction, safety and efficiency are paramount. When working in sensitive environments like hospitals, where fire safety is non-negotiable, contractors must utilize cutting-edge materials that meet stringent standards. This is where Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards come into play, offering a robust solution for temporary walls and various construction applications.

Why Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards?

Imagine a material that combines durability, flexibility, and unparalleled fire resistance. That's precisely what Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards offer. Made from high-impact, tear-resistant polypropylene, these boards are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of construction while adhering to strict fire safety protocols.

Key Features:

  • High-Impact and Tear Resistant: With a compressive strength of over 96 psi, these boards can withstand considerable force without compromising their structural integrity.

  • Lightweight and Flexible: Despite their robustness, Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards are incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 5 lbs for a standard 4x8 sheet. This makes handling and installation a breeze, allowing for quick and efficient construction processes.

  • Chemically Inert: The chemically inert polypropylene composition ensures that these boards remain unaffected by chemicals or floor coatings commonly found in construction environments, enhancing their longevity and reliability.

  • Fire Retardant Properties: Perhaps the most crucial feature of Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards is their exceptional fire resistance. These boards meet stringent fire safety standards, including UL 94 V-0 classification, ensuring that they stop burning within 10 seconds with no flaming drips, a critical factor in environments where fire safety is paramount.

    Understanding the Fire Ratings:

    UL 94 Flame Ratings: UL 94 is a safety standard for testing the flammability of plastic materials used in devices and appliances. It determines how materials respond to fire, from least to most fire-resistant:

    • H-B: Slow horizontal burn test, considered "self-extinguishing."
    • V-2: Vertical burn, stops within 60 seconds, allows flaming drips.
    • V-1: Vertical burn, stops within 60 seconds, no flaming drips.
    • V-0: Vertical burn, stops within 10 seconds, no flaming drips.

    ASTM E-84-18A: This American standard tests the surface burning characteristics of building materials, similar to UL No. 723. It's conducted with the specimen facing down towards the ignition source.

    NFPA 701-15: Establishes test methods for assessing flame propagation in textiles and films. Corrugated plastic falls under method 2, where specimens are exposed to calibrated flame until they cease or burn completely.

Corrugated Boards Applications:

Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards find extensive use in various construction applications, including:

  • Temporary Construction Partitions: Ideal for creating temporary walls and barriers in hospitals, construction sites, and other sensitive environments where fire safety is a top priority.

  • Heavy-Duty Surface Protection: These boards provide reliable surface protection for walls, floors, and glass during construction, minimizing damage and ensuring a safe working environment.

  • Mill Industry: In industrial settings, Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards serve as an excellent alternative to traditional materials like plywood, offering superior durability and fire resistance.


In the realm of construction, safety is non-negotiable. Fire Retardant Corrugated Boards stand as a testament to innovation and reliability, offering contractors a robust solution for addressing fire safety concerns in sensitive environments like hospitals. With their exceptional durability, flexibility, and unmatched fire resistance, these boards are a cornerstone of modern construction practices, ensuring both safety and efficiency in every project.

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