Giant Slip and Slide For Hours of FUN!!!

We are quite proud of what our friend Dan from Georgia did with our plastic sheeting. He asked for an ultra wide slip and slide tarp/plastic for his very own slide in his back yard!! "They were a slipping and a sliding"!

Ask for 30 mil WHITE HDPE, which is an excellent slip n slide material!!  Very slick and up to about 23' wide with no seams!!


Tarp Wars: Slip N Slide BBQ


Slip 'n' Slide Tarps- SO MUCH BACKYARD FUN!!!!!!!

Massive_SLip_and_Slid-195791-edited.pngSlip n slide thankyou

We have the best slip and slide tarps for you!

Kids of all ages can't get enough of sliding down a slip and slide on a hot summer day!  Way back in the day, rolled plastic sheeting wasn't readily available. You certainly couldn't Google anything, let alone find adequate plastic to make a slip and slide.  Today it's a lot easier to get your slip and slide built. Just pick up the phone and order the plastic  (866 597 9298 or 760 597 9298).  

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In a rush and can't watch the sliip and slide video above? Here are some quick still photos for your.

Slip n slide  Plastic 760 597 9298 get yours today! What is the best plastic to use for a slip and slide? Call to learn your options760 597 9298 get yours today! Slip n slide 760 597 9298 get yours today! 4

What kind of tarp is used for slip and slide?760 597 9298 get yours today! 7jpg Slip n slide 760 597 9298 get yours today! 5 Giant heavy duty  Slip and slide 760 597 9298 get yours today! 7 jpg



Quick Question Regarding the Slip and Slide Options...