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Do-It-Yourself Backyard Ice Rink Made Easy!

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, Nov 08, 2012 @ 01:50

Hockey rink

 A Do-It-Yourself Backyard ice rink is do-able! After all, a backyard ice rink is the hit of the neighborhood when you are a child (maybe as an adult too)!  The thought of building it at the same time can seem like a lot of work.  Our customers have asked us for ways to make the construction of the ice rink easier and faster. 

In addition to the ice rink liners, we offer is an ice rink framing systemthat has all the brackets, corner bracing and stakes that are engineered specifically for building a sturdy, well constructed ice rink. It is called “Iron Sleek”. Water weighs A LOT, and if you don’t have a strong framework in place, your ice rink will fail. With Iron Sleek  all you will need are the tools and lumber to make the frame, and quality plastic sheeting (ice rink liner) to hold the water for the ice rink.

Location, Location, Location:  Just as they say in real estate that location is key to the success of a business, location can make or break your ice rink. If you have a lot of slope in your yard,this could be problematic. Remember that water is heavy, and your boards will have to hold the weight of the water. Plus, anything over 18" and it won't hold the water. Therefore, it is important to find the most level area of your yard that is relatively dry, and has solid soil. The greater the slope, the more bracing and lumber  you will need to support the weight of the water. At the same time you will need approximately 5 cm of ice to support the weight of skaters.

Start Early before the season is upon you! Pounding stakes into frozen ground is no easy task!  Start your back yard ice rink before the ground freezes. Ideally the middle part of November and into early December is a good choice.

Iron Sleek framing for ice rink 

With the Iron Sleek, just follow the directions on how to lay out the lumber and secure the brackets to get the frame built.  The instructions will explain how far you need to place the brackets depending on the size of your rink.

ice rink liner

Liner Placement:  Ideally you will want to place your liner within the frame the same time you fill the rink with water.  Look for weather temperatures in the 20 degree range at night, and 32 degrees maximum during the day.  You will want the ice rink liner to be nicely flush around the boards laying flat as the picture above illustrates. As far as the choice of liners, please click on the link below.  You will want to consider is the strength of the liner, the longevity of the liner, and the color.  Bright white is preferable because it reflects the sun and won't add heat to the rink.

Patience is a virtue! Little ones are so excited to get skating when you fill your rink.  It is important to give the rink PLENTY of time to harden before the skating begins. If you skate before it is frozen, the ice will break, and your surface will be uneven! 

Owning your own backyard ice rink is a memory that will stay with everyone.  It's just so much fun for kids to run outside after school with their friends and have fun on the ice! Best of all you don't have to drive anywhere to do it!

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