Custom Pallet Covers- For Outdoor Storage & Protection of Goods

Custom Pallet Covers

Why Use Pallet Covers?

Pallet covers to reduce packaging, shipping or storage costs of valuable goods. Griffolyn® products are lightweight, flexible, cold-crack and moisture resistant and provide continuous protection all year round. Manufactured using a UV stabilizing process, Griffolyn® helps to protect your investments from sun degradation commonly associated with long-range outdoor storage and shipping.

Custom-fitted Griffolyn® pallet covers are reusable and also available in fire-retardant and anti-static grades allowing you to make the most of your warehouse space and to store pallets, drums, cable reels and various machines outdoors, freeing up valuable warehouse space.

Protects Materials, Drums, Equipment and Inventory

  • Indoor protection all year long for items stored outdoors
  • Custom fitted
  • Weather proof tarps
  • Reusable pallet covers to take off and store for next use
  • Cost-effective solution to permanent building

Griffolyn Type-90- is made with 2 layers of white film and one layer of black film with 2 layers of reinforcement.

A-20 is a fire retardant, woven HDPE scrim with a polyethylene coating on both sides.

Griffolyn Type-55 FR is a 3-ply laminate combining two layers of fire retardant low density polyethylene and a high-strength cord grid. It is specifically engi-neered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material.

Griffolyn TX-1200- Griffolyn® TX-1200 is a 3-ply laminate combining two layers of linear low density polyethylene and a high-strength cord grid.

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