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How to Protect Floors and Counter During Construction

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Wed, Jan 04, 2023 @ 01:54

Protecting floors and countertops during construction can be achieved with a few simple steps. First and foremost, it is important to lay down a protective covering such as a tarp or self-adhesive plastic sheeting over the floor and countertops before any construction begins. This will help to keep sawdust, dirt, and debris from accumulating and will also help to protect the surface from any scratches or damage that can occur during the construction process.
 It is also important to move furniture and other items out of the way before beginning the construction. This will help to ensure that the furniture and other items do not become damaged by the construction process. Additionally, put down drop cloths on the floor and countertops to further protect them from any dirt, dust, and debris that may come up during the construction.
When using power tools, such as saws, drills, and sanders, be sure to use a dust mask to avoid breathing in sawdust, dirt, and debris. Additionally, when using power tools, it is important to use rags or plastic sheets to cover any surfaces that may be in the way of the tools to protect them from damage or scratches.
-- When working with tools and materials, it is important to always use safety equipment such as glasses,
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