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Plastic Sheeting for Sheet Metal Protection...What are the options?

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Mon, Dec 03, 2018 @ 01:21

Sheet metal needs protection. For protecting metal using adhesive coated products, we normally like to involve the engineers, and provide a product that works as ideally on the particular metal/finish/process as possible.  In many metal operations, the protective covering is used during manufacturing to keep the metal from being damaged.  

1) Are you using self-adhesive film currently?
    If yes, are there any aspects you wish to improve?  What are you using?

2) Will the metal undergo any processes with protection in place, like bending, shaping, drilling?

3) Will the film be exposed to sunshine while applied?  If so, what is maximum time it could be exposed?

4) Will film be subject to contact with any greases, oils or water while applied?

5) Do you know what size or sizes are ideal?

6) Will film be hand or machine applied?

7) Do you want Clear, tinted, or opaque film?  Is there a color preference?

8)  What will the film need to survive during any processing and shipping periods?
Just give us a call at 866.597.9298 to learn about your options.  Test alt test?

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