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Plastic Sheeting for Sheet Metal Protection...What are the options?

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Fri, Mar 15, 2013 @ 12:47

Sheet metal protection is a must to protect against scratches. Global Plastic Sheeting has a very unique product for sheet metal protection.  It is called, No Adhesive Self-Adhesive (NASA) Plastic. NASA is a favorite product to protect metals because the film adheres well to metals, but has ZERO adhesive, so cannot leave behind any adhesive residue.  NASA is made in 3 mil or thicker.  It "sticks" to the metal until you pull it off!  No glue or adhesive mess to deal with.  To learn more about NASA Plastic, please click here.

We also have pressure sensitive self-adhesive films specifically engineered and designed for protecting metal of just about any type or finish.  Various products are recommended, depending on the finish and a number of other factors.  Our PSA coated films range in thickness from 2 mil to 10 mil.
For protecting metal using adhesive coated products, we normally like to involve the engineers, and provide a product that works as ideally on the particular metal/finish/process as possible.  In many metal operations, the protective covering is used during manufacturing to keep the metal from being damaged.  The metal is often bent, shaped, formed, drilled, die cut, rolled, drawn…  We like to find out what the film needs to survive during any processing and shipping periods, so we can make recommendations that have the best chance of successfully protecting the metal.
Just give us a call at 866.597.9298 to learn about your options. 

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