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ASTME 84 versus CPAI-84- What's the difference?

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 @ 02:54

Question:  What is the difference between ASTME 84 and CPAI-84?

Answer:  ASTM E-84 measures the flame spread and smoke index, which are considered the surface burning characteristics of a material.  Depending on the numbers, materials can have classifications of Class A, B, or C according to NFPA , ANSI/NFPA No. 101, "life Safety Code" , 2006 Edition, or IBC (International Building Code), 2006 Edition, Chapter 8, Interior Finishes, Section 803,  if they pass any level of this standard.  The test is conducted in a fire tunnel using a 22" x 24' sample of the material.  The ignition source is 7 seconds in duration, total test is 10 minutes.  The flame front cannot exceed 24" during the test.  Results are expressed as Flame Spread Index, and Smoke Developed Value.

CPAI-84 does not measue flame spread. It measures the char length and mass lost as well afterflame.  CPAI-84 does not insure that a fabric is flame retardant.  It is a test method for evaluating the flame resistance of fabrics and other materials such as plastic sheeting.

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Reinforced Plastic Sheeting- The Clear Choice

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Tue, Dec 13, 2011 @ 12:02

Reinforced plastic sheeting is also referred to as "string reinforced plastic", "Scrim reinforced liners" and "cord reinforced liners" to name a few.  Reinforced plastic sheeting can come in clear, natural, black, white, blue, or any color your heart desires. The key for a custom color is quantity. 

Reinforced plastic sheeting is used for a multitude of applications.  The fact that it is string reinforced makes this plastic sheeting hold up under harsh environments. The string not only adds strength to the plastic, but it inhibits/ stops tears in the vicinity of the puncture.  Due to its versatility, one of its popular uses is as an enclosure film.  Builders will use it to enclose an area when they are are working to keep the elements out. They may also want to keep dust from traveling to another part of the building.

Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Reinforced Plastic Sheeting can be used as a hay tarp.  UV additives are added to the formulation so the tarp will not readily disintegrate in the sun.  Hem and grommets can be added to this reinforced liner in order to hold it in place. 

Hay Tarp

The theater is another place you will see scrim reinforced plastic sheeting.  When hung on stage, lighting can be placed in a variety of places to create the desired effect.  It is used as a way to portray a revelation about one thing or another.  It can give off a ghostly vanishing effect. Again, the uses are endless.

Click here for a selection of reinforced plastic sheeting options. It's such a great product that can be reused when properly cared for.


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