Multi-Ply Heat Shrinkable Laminate

Why Use Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI and 5-Ply VCI Heat Shrink Film?

Griff-Shrink® is a patented multi-ply heat-shrinkable laminate that is heat shrinkable and combines the performance of polyethylene and specialty heat-shrinkable films supported with a reinforcement grid to create a highly tear resistant and durable product. The reinforcement grid provides a uniform tear resistance in all directions. Griff-Shrink® is ideal for transporting large over-the-road flatbed shipments while protecting machinery and equipment from damage and corrosion. 


  • Shrouds to protect large over-the-road flatbed shipments
  • Prevents damage and corrosion to critical machinery
  • Products arrive factory fresh to customers
  • Weather proof
  • Provides excellent storage for outdoor storage until ready for shipment


Griffolyn™Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI is a reinforced 5-Ply heat shrinkable laminate that provides ex-ceptional tear resistance and outdoor weather-ing with the additional benefit of anti-corrosive properties.

Griff-Shrink 3-Ply  VCI/UV is a reinforced laminate that is heat shrinkable with the additional benefits of anti-corrosive properties and being UV sta-bilized.

GPS Heat Shrink Wrap Film 6 mil- White or Blue

GPS Heat Shrink Wrap Film 7 mil- White or Blue

GPS 9 mil Heat Shrink Wrap FR- White

GPS 12 mil Heat Shrink Wrap FR  White- Custom  Order.This film has it all!  A 12 mil heat shrink wrap film that is fire retardant, has a high strength cord grid (scrim) to offer additional high strength, and has a UV stabilizer that allows for protection from outdoor weathering. Passes NFPA 701 Test Method 2

GPS Stretch Hooder Film-a multi-layer film that speeds up packaging in high volume applications with complete five-sided protection; designed to secure your pallet and even a greater focus on load containment.

Heat Shrink Tape - meets the demanding needs of Shrink Wrapping applications- patching holes, taping on access doors for shrink wrapped items  This white tape is standard in 4” x 180’ and 2” x 180’.  The 4” has pinked edges for easy hand tearing in the field.


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