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Haunted House Plastic

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 05:34

What is Haunted House Plastic?

Haunted House Plastic is black plastic sheeting that has 2 distinguishing characteristics that other black poly sheeting products don't.


What 2 things set Haunted House Plastic apart?

  1. Haunted House Plastic from Global Plastic Sheeting has an additive that makes the plastic FIRE RETARDANT!  That is a BIG deal!  It's an even bigger deal if you are planning a haunt for the public. You see, there is a chance that your friendly neighborhood fire marshal will stop by to insure your black plastic is fire retardant..... And what will the fire marshal ask to see?
  2. YOUR FIRE CERTIFICATES! Yes, you will need to provide the NFPA 701-15 fire cert that proves that your black plastic sheeting that you spent days putting up has met the criteria so that it won't add to a fire should a fire occur.

Who issues these fire Certs?  There are various laboratories that has special equipment to test the plastic to make sure it doensn't burn.  Companies have to pay to have their products tested.  Additionally, the testing method can be upgraded. It's important to get the most recent test, which in this case is the NFPA 701-15 test.


Small- Medium- Large or 4 mil, 6 mil or 8 mil.  These are the thicknesses that the haunted house plastic come in.  It's just personal preference how thick of a poly sheeting you desire to work with.  Things to consider is where you are putting this plastic.  Are you putting it outside where it will have to hold up against the elements?  Will it be in an area where it will be left alone? Thinking about this can help you make the best decision for what thickness to purchase.

What about the tape? Don't forget about the fire retardant tape! Most likely you will need to adhere your plastic to a wall, or attach sheets together. This is where fire retardant tape can solve this issue!

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Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!