Boiler Covers for Extreme Temperatures Equipment Reducing Fuel Consumption

Boiler Covers- Prevent Heat from Radiating Out

Boiler Covers for Metal, Copper, Iron, Steel Or Brass Boilers- 5 Yr Guarantee!

Most industries have boilers to offer the primary source of energy- heat. Boilers are large closed containers that heat liquids, commonly water, to generate power and provide various heating purposes for industrial use. Due to its capability of reaching high temperatures, this presents safety hazards when workers come into contact with the boiler, its doors, and the massive amounts of heat radiating from the boiler.

Why Acquire a Boiler Cover?

Boiler covers prevent heat from radiating towards the surrounding areas of the boilers. OSHA considers exposed heated surfaces as a safety hazard that can potentially cause injuries. Our industrial boiler covers can cover extremely high-temperature equipment that most insulations can't. Boiler covers target specific areas for insulation that reduce fuel consumption and, in turn, reduce costs. No unnecessary heat escapes the multi-layer fabric protecting piping, valves, and other boiler equipment creating a safer working environment.

  • Acoustic Insulator (sound absorption)
  • Fit for Perfection- Including doors and unique designs
  • Cost-Effective- We produce many insulators tailored by design, thickness, and materials to your specific equipment.  
  • Quality- 5 year guarantee! Our industrial boiler covers are excellently crafted and designed to remain intact under extremely harsh conditions for extended periods. 
  • Removable and Reapplied for inspections, repairs to minimize downtime.
  • Wet or Dry Applications

Griffolyn Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI-Griffolyn™Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI is a reinforced 5-Ply heat shrinkable laminate that provides ex-ceptional tear resistance and outdoor weather-ing with the additional benefit of anti-corrosive properties.

Griffolyn Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI- Griff-Shrink™3-ply VCI/UV is a reinforced laminate that is heat shrinkable with the additional benefits of anti-corrosive properties and being UV sta-bilized.

What does CHAT GDP havee to say with the following question?

For boiler covers made from either  Metal, Copper, Iron, Steel Or Brass , When do you use Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI versus Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI?

The answer:

Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI and Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI are both types of packaging materials designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion during storage or shipping. The main difference between these two materials is their thickness and strength.

In general, Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI is a stronger and more durable material than Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI. It is made with five layers of material, including a layer of vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) that helps to protect the metal surface from corrosion. This type of material is generally used for heavier or larger items that require more protection and durability during storage or shipping.

Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI, on the other hand, is a thinner and less durable material that is made with three layers of material, including a layer of VCI. This type of material is generally used for smaller or lighter items that require less protection and can be shipped in smaller packaging.

When it comes to choosing between Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI and Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI for boiler covers made from metal, copper, iron, steel or brass, the choice will depend on the size, weight, and value of the boiler covers, as well as the shipping and storage conditions. If the covers are larger, heavier, or more valuable, it may be best to use Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI for added protection. However, if the covers are smaller, lighter, or less valuable, Griff-Shrink 3-Ply VCI may provide sufficient protection. It's also important to consider the length of storage time and the environment in which the covers will be stored or shipped, as these factors can affect the effectiveness of the VCI layer.

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