Buy Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting-GPS DeckProtek 14 mil & 30 mil

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting-GPS DeckProtek 14 mil & 30 mil

What is "heavy duty plastic sheeting"? 

Heavy duty plastic sheeting is only considered "heavy duty" if it is made with virgin resin and used for its intended purpose. For instance, a 3 mil surface protection film like Carpet Plastic is "heavy duty" when utilized to safeguard carpeting during a renovation, but not in more challenging environments such as crawl spaces. This clarification is necessary to emphasize that all of our films, except for construction plastic, are engineered to be "heavy duty."

Fire Retardant  GPS DeckProtekTM  / GPS DeckProtek Diamond Deck Plate™

GPS DeckProtekTM  and GPS DeckProtek Diamond Deck Plate™  are extra heavy-duty, highly fire retardant protective covering for decks on Navy ships, Coast Guard Fleet, Mega yachts, Commercial Flooring, Hospitals, Laboratories, Government Facilities, and Power plants. They roll out quickly and easily, and are removed with minimal effort. In many cases, these cost effective coverings replace very expensive coverings like fire retardant plywood, or door skins, and can be installed using inexpensive labor rather than expensive skilled labor needed for cutting and fitting such things as plywood.

They easily pass the NFPA 701Test 1 fire retardant standard as required for use as a shipboard protector on US Navy ships and the Coast Guard Fleet. In fact, drip burn and after-flame results are "0" for all 10 samples tested in each thickness.

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 DeckProtek:  The Extra Heavy-Duty, Highly Fire Retardant, Protective Coverings Plastic Sheeting Thickness   Application Chart 

 GPS DeckProtekTM   and Diamond Deck PlateTM  features several finishes (smooth, matte, taffeta and diamond deck plate), thicknesses (10,13,14,25 and 30 mil), and colors- (Battleship Grey and Blue). The grey is very popular since it does not show dirt as easily, and is pleasing to the eye.

  • 14 mil Battleship Grey comes in matte/smooth finish.  Roll size:  36" x 200'
  • 14 mil Blue comes in matte/smooth finish.  Roll size:  36" x 200'
  • 14 mil Blue taffeta/smooth.  Roll size:  36" x 200'
  • 30 mil Blue taffeta/smooth.  Roll size:  36" x 100'

The matte/smooth features a top surface with matte finish, creating a functional walking surface. The Diamond Deck Plate offers a unique walking surface that is highly anti-slip and anti-skid. Disclaimer: The back of the diamond deck plate could leave a deck plate pattern on certain surfaces being protected.

GPS DeckProtekTM is available on a custom order basis in just about any color with a 500 pound minimum order. Various finishes, including diamond plate are available as custom orders.

GPS DeckProtekTM and GPS DeckProtek Diamond Deck Plate™  are manufactured using state of the art equipment and the highest quality assurance standards in an ISO-9001-2000 certified plant. 100% Made in the USA. Rolls are bulk packed unless otherwise specified to help reduce the amount of packaging materials that must be discarded, and keeps costs minimized. No minimum orders for stocked materials.

Please remember our environment and recycle these products!

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 GPS DeckProtek Diamond Tread™ (in blue) provides the utmost in Fire Retardant surface protection for a wide variety of surfaces.  If workmen damage is eating into your profit margins, this is the product for you!

This formulation is soft and supple, described as rubber-like, so it rolls out very easily, and lays completely flat.  The bottom of the film is “soft” enough that it does not want to slip around on smooth surfaces, making it much easier to hold in place. The top is a diamond tread that makes it anit-slip or skid.

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