Reinforced Plastic Sheeting- Resists Rips and Tears

String-reinforced plastic sheeting represents a remarkable advancement in materials designed for diverse applications. It is engineered with internally reinforced polyethylene laminates. What sets it apart is the  high-strength reinforcement integrated into its construction, delivering unparalleled puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for applications demanding durability.  Its robust design, fueled by high-strength reinforcement, sets it apart from regular plastic sheeting, making it a preferred choice for applications demanding superior durability.

String Reinforced Films

Visit the Griffolyn array of films, each designed to cater to a variety of applications here

6 mil Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Poly Scrim 8 LD

Poly Scrim 14 mil- 5 layer string reinforced film

20 Mil String Reinforced Films

22 mil PVC Coated Poly Scrim 

Under Slab Vapor Barriers

18 oz PVC Laminated Polyesther Scrim Film

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