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What's the Best Tape to Use?

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Mon, Sep 12, 2016 @ 12:56

There are so many different types of tapes on the market. No wonder customers ask us all the time- 



  • What is the best tape for sealing plastic sheeting?
  • What's the best over-all tape?
  • What's the best tape if the plastic will be outside in the sun?
  • What tape should be used on a vapor retarder?
  • What's the best tape to seal plastic sheeting that is put in a crawl space?
  • What's the best waterproof tape?
  • Is there a fish safe tape?
  • Is there a tape that adheres to steel?

What is the best tape for sealing plastic sheeting?

When looking to seal plastic sheeting, the environment that it is being used in is what will dictate the best tape to select. Is there moisture, high humidity, sunshine, or water? Is the tape sealing two over-lapping sheet's of a crawl space liner in a moist basement? Or are we talking about sealing a tear in a slip and slide tarp. Is the tape going to be in the sun? For this post, we are going to introduce the films that Global Plastic Sheeting favors.

The best Over-All Tape:

Our most versatile tape, that is water-proof, fish safe, and has UV to protect from the sun's rays, Ultra Perm is the best selection. This tape is EXCEPTIONALLY STICKY. When it is put down, it's not coming up.  If you have a tug of war with two sheets of plastic, the plastic will break before the tape let's go (in most cases).

The Best Tape for a Crawl Space Liner or Vapor Barrier:

If you are sealing a crawl space liner or vapor barrier, Vapor Seaming Tape is a great choice. it is chemical resistant- not that you have chemicals in your basement- and has a nice strong hold. It will resist the moisture coming up from the ground.  If you want a double sided (two-sided) tape for this application, the Butyl Seal Tape is a great choice. It is waterproof, aggressive, flexible and non-hardening.

The Best Tape That is Fire Retardant:

There are two choices when it comes to the tape being flame retardant. Polyken 225 FR  meets FAR 25.853 (a)  and is used in the aerospace industry. It is used in areas where flame retardancy is required.  225 FR seals duct work, fiberglass insulation and more.

Global CFRP Tape is also fire retardant, and virtually leaves no adhesive residue on applications lasting up to 60 days.

The Best Waterproof and/or Fish Safe Tape?

Ultra Perm is the clear cut choice here. It can be used in your pond, slip and slide tarp, and anywhere there is water.  This beast of a tape grabs on, and doesn't let go!

If you really want to be sure and select the best most cost effective tape for your project, just give up a call. If we can't help you, we will attempt to direct you to someone who can. We want to help, and don't want you to get stuck!

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