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DIY Haunted House & Party Guide- A Step by Step Guide

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Thu, Jul 27, 2023 @ 02:16

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Haunted House and Throwing a Howling Good Party

  1. Plan and Design: Choose a suitable location and create a floor plan for your haunted house. Consider the layout, flow, and different themed areas you want to include.

  2. Set Up the Frame: Build the framework for your haunted house using wood or metal. Create walls and partitions to divide the different sections.

  3. Gather your Materials:  You will need black fire retardant plastic sheeting, black fire retardant tape, a staple gun, and any other props or decorations you want to use. Cover the framework with black fire retardant plastic sheeting to create dark, eerie corridors and rooms. Ensure the plastic is properly secured and fire-safe for added safety.

  4. Create Haunting Decorations: Enhance the spookiness with eerie decorations like spider webs, hanging bats, creepy skeletons, and fog machines. Use dim lighting or blacklights to add a mysterious ambiance. 

  5. Sound effects: Use sound effects to create a more immersive experience for your guests. You can find sound effects online or at a party store. * Lighting: Use lighting to create a spooky atmosphere. You can use flashlights, candles, or even fog machines. * Props: Use props to create scares for your guests. This could include things like fake blood, cobwebs, or even skeletons. * Decorations: Use decorations to set the mood for your haunted house. This could include things like posters, paintings, or even furniture.

  6. Set Up Themed Rooms: Design themed rooms like a mad scientist's lab, haunted nursery, creepy graveyard, or a spooky forest. Incorporate relevant props, sound effects, and special effects to create an immersive experience.

  7. Use Black Fire Retardant Tape: Use black fire retardant tape to seal and reinforce seams in the plastic sheeting. Ensure the tape blends with the dark theme, maintaining the illusion.

  8. Add Scary Characters: Recruit friends or actors to dress up as frightening characters like ghosts, zombies, vampires, or witches. Their unexpected appearances will heighten the scare factor.

  9. Incorporate Interactive Elements: Include interactive elements like hidden doors, moving walls, or jump scares to surprise and entertain visitors.

  10. Create Safe Pathways: Ensure clear pathways and proper lighting to prevent tripping hazards. Use glow-in-the-dark tape or markers to guide visitors through the haunted house safely.

  11. Monitor Safety: Assign staff members or volunteers to monitor the haunted house for safety and crowd control. Have an emergency plan in place in case of any incidents.

    Five Haunted House Themes:

    1. Haunted Carnival: A spooky circus theme with eerie clowns, carnival games with creepy prizes, and haunted rides.

    2. Haunted Mansion: A classic haunted house with cobweb-filled rooms, secret passages, and haunted portraits.

    3. Zombie Apocalypse: An immersive post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, complete with abandoned buildings and zombie hordes.

    4. Witches' Coven: A dark forest hideout for witches, filled with cauldrons, potions, and mystical creatures.

    5. Insane Asylum: A terrifying psychiatric hospital with disturbed patients, flickering lights, and unsettling medical equipment.

    6. A Haunted Barbie House: 

      The Haunted Barbie House is a dark and creepy place. The walls are covered in cobwebs, and the floors are littered with old toys and furniture. There are strange noises coming from all directions, and the air is filled with the smell of decay.

      The house is divided into several rooms, each with its own unique scare. In the living room, there is a headless Barbie doll sitting in a rocking chair. In the kitchen, there is a sink full of dirty dishes, and the stove is covered in burned food. In the bedroom, there is a bed with a sheet pulled over it, and the closet door is slowly creaking open.

      The scariest room in the house is the attic. The attic is dark and dusty, and there are strange shadows moving in the corners. There is a large trunk in the center of the attic, and it is said that if you open the trunk, you will release the spirit of a long-dead Barbie.

      The Haunted Barbie House is a place where nightmares come to life. It is a place where the only rule is that anything is possible. If you dare to enter the Haunted Barbie House, you will never be the same again.

      Here are some additional details that you can add to your haunted Barbie house:

      • The house is located in a dark and isolated woods.
      • The house is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who was murdered there many years ago.
      • The house is filled with strange and disturbing objects, such as dolls with missing eyes, creepy paintings, and old furniture that seems to move on its own.
      • The house is full of sounds and noises, such as creaking floorboards, whispers in the dark, and the sound of laughter coming from the attic.
      • The house is surrounded by a thick fog that makes it difficult to see.
      • The only way to escape the house is to find the key to the front door, which is hidden somewhere inside.
    7. DIY Props for a Haunted House Bloody handprints, cobwebs, skulls, fake blood, pendulums, moving figures, mirrors, sound effects, lighting, music, props, decorations, costumes, actors, special effects, severed heads, bloody messages, haunted dolls, skeletons, and ghosts are all DIY props that can be used to create a haunted house.

      Creepy Portraits: Paint or print unsettling portraits and hang them on the walls for a chilling effect.

      Flickering Candles: Create fake flickering candles using battery-operated tea lights and dripping wax to add an eerie glow.

      Haunted Books: Craft old, weathered books with spooky titles and prop them on shelves for a haunted library scene.

      Creepy Hands: Make DIY creepy hands by molding and painting latex or clay to create life-like, reaching hands.

      Floating Candles: Craft floating candles by attaching battery-operated tea lights to the bottom of white tissue paper for a magical ambiance.

      Haunted Mirrors: Create haunted mirrors by painting spooky messages or images on the glass and adding flickering lights behind them.

      Cauldrons and Potions: Set up bubbling cauldrons with dry ice for a witch's potion brewing station.

      Fog Chiller: Construct a fog chiller using a cooler, PVC pipes, and dry ice to create a low-lying fog effect.

      Graveyard Tombstones: Make tombstones from foam or plywood and paint them to resemble aged, weathered grave markers.

      Ouija Board: Craft a DIY Ouija board for a séance or spooky spirit communication scene.

      Creepy Creature Eyes: Create eerie glowing eyes using LED lights and cardboard cutouts hidden in the darkness.

      Hanging Bats: Make bat decorations by cutting bat shapes from black cardstock or foam and hanging them from the ceiling.

      Haunted Portals: Construct spooky doorways or arches using cardboard and black fabric to create haunted portals.

      Giant Spider Webs: Use cotton batting or rope to weave large spider webs to hang in corners or doorways.

      Mummy Sarcophagus: Make a mummy sarcophagus using cardboard or plywood and wrap it with torn gauze or cloth.

      Wicked Wands: Craft sinister-looking wands using sticks, black paint, and dark embellishments for a witchcraft display.

      Creepy Crawlers: Create giant creepy crawlies like spiders, rats, or snakes using wire, foam, and paint.

      Wicked Cauldron Stirrers: Decorate wooden spoons to resemble potion stirrers for the witch's cauldron.

      Haunted Chandelier: Design a haunted chandelier with faux candles, cobwebs, and dangling spiders.

      Witch's Broomsticks: Craft broomsticks using twigs and natural materials for a witch's workshop.

      Zombie Warning Signs: Print out zombie warning signs and post them around the haunted house for a post-apocalyptic feel.

      Haunted Vines: Use black or dark-colored fabric to create haunting vines that can wrap around furniture and props.

      Fortune Teller's Crystal Ball: Make a crystal ball prop using a glass globe or ornament filled with smoke or a misting effect.

      Mad Scientist Lab Equipment: Set up a mad scientist lab with beakers, test tubes, and mysterious liquids using colored water.

      Haunted Organ: Craft a cardboard or foam organ prop with spooky pipes and paint it in dark, eerie colors.

    1. Menu Ideas For The Halloween Party 


      • Spooky Deviled Eggs: Classic deviled eggs topped with olive spiders for a creepy twist.
      • Witch's Fingers: Breadstick dough shaped like severed fingers, complete with almond nail.
      • Mummy Pigs in a Blanket: Mini hot dogs wrapped in strips of crescent roll dough to resemble mummies.
      • Monster Eyeballs: Mozzarella balls stuffed with olives, resembling eerie eyeballs.
      • Graveyard Guacamole: Guacamole with tombstone-shaped tortilla chips and veggie skeletons.

      Entrées: Jack-O'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers: Bell peppers carved like jack-o'-lanterns and filled with seasoned ground meat and rice.

      • Dracula's Bloody Steak: Juicy steak topped with a savory "blood" sauce made from red wine reduction.
      • Witches' Brew Stew: Hearty vegetable and meat stew served in a black cauldron.
      • Mummy Meatloaf: Meatloaf wrapped in bacon strips to create a mummy effect.
      • Haunted Halloween Pizza: Pizzas with creepy faces made from various toppings.

      Desserts: Spiderweb Cupcakes: Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla spiderweb frosting and a plastic spider on top.

      • Graveyard Brownies: Chocolate brownies decorated with cookie tombstones and gummy worms.
      • Witch's Hat Cookies: Chocolate-covered cookies with a Hershey's Kiss on top, resembling witch hats.
      • Monster Rice Krispie Treats: Rice Krispie treats shaped like monsters and decorated with colored icing.
      • Ghostly Ice Cream: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate ghost faces made from cookie crumbs.

      Cocktails (Alcoholic): Witches' Brew Punch: A spooky green punch made with lime sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and vodka.

      • Blood Orange Margarita: A blood-red margarita made with blood orange juice and tequila.
      • Black Widow Martini: A dark and mysterious cocktail with black vodka, black raspberry liqueur, and cranberry juice.
      • Zombie Punch: A potent rum punch with fruit juices and a splash of grenadine.
      • Vampire Kiss Cocktail: A blend of cherry vodka, pomegranate liqueur, and cranberry juice, with a sugared rim.

      Non-Alcoholic Drinks:  Pumpkin Spice Punch: A kid-friendly punch made with apple cider, orange juice, and pumpkin spice.

      • Witches' Brew Lemonade: Lemonade with a splash of lime and lemon-lime soda, garnished with gummy worms.
      • Candy Corn Punch: A layered drink with orange soda, pineapple juice, and whipped cream on top.
      • Spooky Spider Cider: Apple cider with floating apple slices and plastic spiders.
      • Graveyard Fog Mocktail: A spooky blend of grape juice, ginger ale, and dry ice for a foggy effect.

    Remember to prioritize safety, and ensure all materials used are fire-retardant and non-toxic. With creativity and attention to detail, you can create a fun, scary, and safe haunted house experience for all visitors.

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