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Plastic Sheeting Called, LLDPE

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 01:29

The plastic sheeting liner referred to as LLDPE stands for Linear Low Density Polyethylene. It is a very flexible plastic sheeting product.  It is used for making plastic wrap, container lids, toys and stretch wrap. An example in the surface protection arena is carpet plastic.  LLDPE plastic sheeting is a perfect poduct to use because the film ca be made very thin (3 mil) and it will still retain amazing strength. Because of its stretching capabilities, it is difficult to puncture.

LLDPE plastic sheeting can have additives added to it to enhance it's purpose. For example, fire retardant  additive can be added so that the film is fire retardant.  UV additives can also be added to the film with hold up under the sun.  The sun's UV rays are a common enemy to polyethylene plastic sheeting. Think of plastic sheeting you see on mounds of dirt that is flapping in the wind. It is usually torn to shreds thanks to sun damage.

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