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Cohesive Wrap Protects Multitudes of Surfaces!

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, May 05, 2011 @ 10:22

 Have you ever had a surface that you want to protect, but you don't want to stick anything to that surface, and you don't want anything like visqueen that will slip around?  Have you ever wanted  something to protect a delicate product or surface, without sticking anything to that product, while holding in place without using tape!  Behold, there is a solution. The solution is a  cohesive wrap- a product that only sticks to itself! Cohesive adhesive system sticks "face to face" around any object, only sticks to itself, and won't leave behind any residue.You just wrap this padded plastic warp around your item and stick it to itself.

What are some of the uses for this cohesive wrap we call "EZ Wrap"?  The marine industry uses it to wrap and protect poles, hand rails, pipes or odd shaped surfaces during refit. Homebuilders use it to wrap surfaces prone to scratching.  It's the easiest way  to keep them looking like brand new, regardless of the environment. 

The outer covering is HDPE- a highly chemically resistant, solvent resistant, and salt water resistant.  It has an inner foam layer to provide strong padding. It's the cohesive foam layer that is coated with the cohesive, so ti will onlyl stick to itself and leaves nothing behing.  Best of all it is lightweight and easy to use!

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