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What Does VCI Mean?

VCI refers to a volatile corrosion inhibitor material that protects metals from rust. VCI chemicals are a class of corrosion inhibiting compounds which have sufficient vapor pressure to release molecules from the compound into the air. When a metal part is placed inside an AMOR product and VCI's fill up the bapor space in the packaging, VCI inhibiting ions create a layer of protection only 2-3 molecultes thick that repels rust. To learn more about VCI products, corrosion, how they are used, etc., please see the bottom of the page.

VCI Film/Sheeting

Twice the Rust Prevention-VCI film protects metal from rust and corrosion in two ways — it serves as a physical barrier against moisture, dust or contaminants, and as a rust-eradicating corrosion inhibitor.

The benefit of VCI with a low and high-density polyethylene film blend for clean, safe and easy to use dry packaging of metal products.

Ideal for interleaving in returnable trays or applications that require film to conform to a part or cavity

HD + LD Blend - 1.25 mil Perforated Sheets

Low-Density Sheeting - 4 mil


Rust prevention stretch film combines the benefit of VCI with traditional stretch film for clean, safe and easy to use dry packaging of metal products.

(Note: Top of load must be enclosed with stretch
film fully overlapped to contain VCI vapors).



Rust prevention fiberboard chips combine the benefit of VCI with chipboard for clean, safe and easy to use dry packaging of metal products.

Ideal for small parts where a non-VCI bag may be used or any small areas requiring additional VCI

Rust Prevention Kraft Paper for Metal parts

ARMOR WRAP® VCI paper protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from rust and corrosion.  

Embeded on neutral pH Kraft Paper is VCI on BOTH sides of the paper (different from the one-sided format manufactured by most VCI companies) to double its protection.


Sea Film = VCI Rust Protection + poly film barrier + UV- Ultra Violet inhibitor to protect metal and metal parts exposed to the elements during outdoor storage.


Innovative rust prevention bags
combining the benefit of VCI with multi-layer barrier film for clean, safe, and easy to use dry packaging of metal products. Due to unique film construction, the Defender film can be down gauged 25% from standard monoextruded film for cost savings.


Rust prevention foam combines the
benefit of VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor)
with soft polyurethane foam for clean, safe
and easy to use dry packaging of metal

Dry-Coat Rust Prevention

 Dry Coat is water-based and designed for use on ferrous metals. It is easy to use and clean!

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath

Metal Rescue® Rust Remover BATH is a water-based rust remover designed to remove rust from iron and steel. 


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