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SolaWrap Film 334 mil thick greenhouse film


SolaWrap- 334 mil thick

  • 10-year warranty against UV degradation (better than polycarbonate)
  • 334 mil thick
  • High R-Value of 1.7 for efficient insulation
  • Impressive 83% transparency for optimal light diffusion
  • Exceptional snow load rating: 120 lbs/sq ft (approx. 15 feet of snow)
  • Survived 100 mph winds, even enduring 135 mph storms in Alaska
  • Total thickness of 0.34" (+/-0.04")
  • Available in 4', 5', and 6' roll widths, with a roll length of 328 ft
  • Weight per square foot: 170-178
  • Superior UV stabilization for long-lasting durability
  • Anti-fog and anti-condensation additive
  • Proven 30 years of success in European house applications
  • Maintains clarity and flexibility without yellowing or brittleness
  • Cost-efficient compared to polycarbonate options


  • High-quality and high-performance polyethylene laminate.
  • UV stabilized greenhouse plastic for extreme tear resistance, durability, and strength.
  • Cold-crack and moisture resistant for protection against the elements.
  • Custom fabrication options, including grommets, pipe loops, and more, to meet exact requirements.
  • Long life expectancy for significant cost savings through reuse and fewer replacements.
  • Multiple layers and cord reinforcement for resistance against punctures and tears.
  • UV stabilization to protect against material degradation from extended sunlight exposure.
  • Cold-crack resistance, eliminating failures in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission.
  • Flexibility and lightweight design for easy handling and quick installation.

Ordering Information:

  • Available Colors: Black, White, Black/White, and Clear.
    • Clear (allows 80% light transmission).
    • White (allows 20% light transmission).
    • Black (allows 0% light transmission).
  • Custom sizes up to 200' x 300' and custom fabrication options available.

Usable Temperature Range:

  • Minimum: -45°F (-42°C)
  • Maximum: 170°F (77°C)

Tufflite IV 

  • High-clarity, tri-layer covering for four years
  • UV protection and anti-dust additive
  • Cost-effective alternative growing system
  • Extended growing seasons for warm-season crops
  • Frost protection and longer cold-season vegetable production
  • Shields from pests, diseases, and harsh weather
  • Increased yields and profitability
  • Reduced harvest delays due to rainfall
  • Minimal pesticide and fungicide use
  • Easy assembly and affordability.

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Tufflite Infrared- 6 mil

  • Four-year coverage with UV protection
  • Anti-drip additive for reduced condensation
  • 6 mil
  • Light-dispersing feature to keep heat inside
  • Extends your growing season, even in colder months
  • Ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and more
  • Protects against pests, diseases, and harsh weather
  • Boosts yields and profitability
  • Reduces harvest delays due to rain
  • Minimizes the need for pesticides and fungicides
  • Easy assembly and cost-effective
  • Shields your crops from rain and strong winds

Tufflite 1 Year Clear Greenhouse Nursery Film - 6 mil

  • Durable and long-lasting agricultural greenhouse film
  • Economical option for short-term greenhouse use
  • 6 mil thickness, without infrared or anti-condensate additives
  • Anti-dust additive to keep the film clean
  • Up to one year of UV protection
  • Benefits:
    • Manages harsh weather conditions for short-term solutions
    • Extends the growing season for increased profitability
    • Shields crops from rain and strong winds
    • Reduces harvest delays due to rainfall
    • Minimizes pesticide and fungicide use
    • A cost-effective choice for short-term greenhouse applications
  • Tri-layer design with UV protection and anti-dust additive
  • Alternative nursery greenhouse system for efficient production
  • Extended growing seasons for various crops, even in cold weather.

Tufflite Black & White 

  • Ideal for darkening and shading, reducing light exposure
  • An alternative system to cut production costs and balance workloads
  • May minimize dependence on some chemicals.
  • Extends growing seasons into sunny days of March and April in warm tunnels.
  • Provides protection against pests, disease, and adverse weather
  • Enhances yields through the use of covered structures
  • Increases profitability with an extended growing season
  • Reduces potential harvest delays due to rainfall
  • Minimizes the need for pesticide and fungicide applications
  • Easily assembled and cost-effective
  • Shields crops from rain and strong winds

Luminance Tunnel Film- 6 mil

  • Gauge / Mil: 6
  • Color(s): Clear
  • Lowers greenhouse temperature by as much as 9°F when compared to standard film.
  • Produces higher-yielding plants with stronger than normal root systems.
  • Reduces the demand for watering.
  • Inhibits fungus spore development for healthier plants.
  • Inhibits insect propagation.
  • Provides comfortable working conditions during the harvest season.
  • Prolongs the growing season.
  • Allows for an earlier harvest—up to three weeks earlier harvests have been recorded.