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Fabric Buildings Cost Saving For Grain Storage

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Tue, Nov 27, 2018 @ 10:42

Fabric Buildings Are The Cost Solution

grain storage in a fabric building

Savvy farmers have found a cost saving solution for storing their crops. It's a fabric building! It's tough enough weathering the rising cost for grain storage and rotting crops. Ask soybean farmers. They face the dilemma of millions of bushels of unsalable  corn and soybeans on their hands. They can let their crops rot or pay for grain storage. Reportedly grain storage handlers have increased their prices to as high as 60 percent when and if they have available storage space.

Grain Storage and A Fabric Building Solution

Why are farmers turning to fabric building as a storage solution? COST Savings!  In this critical time, fabric buildings are cost effective building solutions that are installed quickly, often within weeks. Their modular design makes for efficient construction with little operating down time.

Air Movement inside the Clear Span Storage Building

We know that air movement and circulation is a critical component when storing grain. Our fabric building designs will solve that problem. The lack of interior beams and supports allows for a wide open grain storage facility.

Natural Light Inside the building

Fabric naturally allows the natural sunlight to light up the storage facility. This immense advantage allows easy visibility and access to the stored grain.

Who Needs Obstructive Columns?

Our fabric buildings offer column –free interiors up to 300 feet wide to any length, allowing for access to as much cubic storage as possible. Optimal clearance and operating height easily accommodate conveyors and elevators, and does not interfere with forklifts, racks, loaders, conveyors and other heavy machinery.

Bottom Line: Fabric Building Grain Storage Save you Money

Don’t lose your corn or soybeans to rot or pay for costly storage fees. A grain storage fabric building can keep your stored grain dry and safely protect your crops, and your bottom line.

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Tension Fabric Buildings Early Beginnings

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Tue, Jul 18, 2017 @ 02:21

So often we forget to think about how or where a building type got it's origins- such as tension fabric buildings. I had seen these types of buildings for years but never stopped to recognize what type of a building it was. How about the Denver Airport?


Tension fabric building Denver Airport

What about the magnificent Taichung Convention Center?


Tension fabric structure



Tension fabric building  Taichung


To read more about fabric building and how they got their start please click here.

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