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Extraordinary Greenhouse Film- Polydress Sola Wrap!

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Mon, Mar 04, 2013 @ 09:19

SolaWrap greenhouse film is revolutionary in that it saves energy, offers UV protection, durability with transparency and extends the growing season. The unique bubble design is what allows Polydress Sola Wrap the capability to allow for year-round production at a fraction of the cost of traditional greenhouse films. Known in Europe as LP Keder or Polydress, Polydress Sola Wrap is now available in  U. S markets.  It's an insulated film that withstands the most extreme climates.  Sola Wrap has a track record for over 40 years of testing in the Swiss Alps, the Middle East, and across Europe. Sola Wrap provides an insulating effect that retains up to 95% of heat radiation while providing an R-value of 1.7. This energy savings is significant! 

SolaWrap guarantees an even light diffusion over the entire greenhouse.  83% of sunlight diffuses through more than 100 air burls per square foot.  30% is healthy infrared light.  This even diffusion spreads evenly thus avoiding shading and burning areas.  The results are faster growing, healthy plants

SolaWrap has a 10-year warranty against UV degradation. For over 40 years, this product has not deteriorated, changed color, become foggy or streaky. Used as greenhouse roofing or walls, Sola Wrap is waterproof, and airtight. It has withstood hailstorms, snowstorms, hurricane winds and both hot and cold snaps. Customers report picking strawberries inside the balmy greenhouse, while the temperatures outside are negative 30 degrees Celsius.  This same greenhouse withstood snows, 70 mile-per-hour winds and violent hailstorms.

Installation: SolaWrap is a flexible polyethylene film that is easily cut with a knife or scissors, and is completely recyclable and can be safely incinerated. 

Roll Size:  Rolls come in 4', 5' and 6' widths by 328' long. 

Click for pricing/ info visit  the greenhouse plastic film with the 10 yr uv guarantee

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