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Solawrap Greenhouse Connectors/ Extrusion System

Posted by Team SolaWrap and the Green Thumbs. on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 03:09


Today we are going to talk about our extrusions (extrusion connectors/ extrusion tracking system). We get a lot of calls- what is it made of? Is it aluminum? Many years ago it used to be aluminum- Solawrap greenhouses have been in Europe over 30 years now. Now it's made out of a highly engineered PVC. We have two versions- one for hot weather, and one for cold weather. Each are designed for their specific environment. We want to make sure our extrusions last as long, if not longer than our films. We expect about a 20 - 30 year lifespan on these materials.


As you can see from a cross section view, it has two channels. Our Solawrap film has channels on both sides. This is exactly how it will go into your structure. The other questions that arises is, are your extrusions flexible? And they are flexible. The channels don't close, and it creates a nice smooth entry point for adding the films. If you have any questions regarding our connectors/ material- feel free to give us a call at Global Plastic Sheeting, or Solawrap 855 765- 2872

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