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Haunted House Plastic- Top 5 Tips On How to Use it!

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Fri, Aug 28, 2015 @ 01:18

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Haunted House Plastic- Tip #1

Not all “Haunted House Plastic” is created equal. To be safe, use black fire retardant plastic that passes the NFPA 701-15 fire test.  This is the very best tip we can give you.WHY? Because any type of plastic sheeting, if it’s not fire retardant will burn like there is no tomorrow if it is exposed to a flame. Haunted houses usually equate to lots of people confined to small spaces- or rooms of a house.  Should someone use their lighter to light the path, and that flame hits the black plastic sheeting- you don’t want the plastic to accelerate the fire. You want the plastic to melt, but not go up in flames.

Haunted House Plastic

Haunted House Plastic- Tip #2

Get your certifications for your fire retardant black plastic or haunted house plastic.  WHY? Because if you are running a haunted house that is being used for fund raising or commercial purposes, you may get a surprise visit from your local fire marshal. It is his/her job to make sure your haunted house is safe. Safety equates with ample lighted exits and the use of fire retardant halloween props when possible. If they see any plastic sheeting used for walls or ceilings, they will want to see the documents in most cases.

Haunted house Plastic.png

Haunted House Plastic- Tip #3

Plan, plan, plan the layout of our haunt for better efficiency before you start sectioning it off.  When people decide to use black fire retardant plastic sheeting for walls- to section off a space, careful planning will yield the best flowing maze for your space. Sometime people think they will have plenty of space to create different rooms in a space.  By the time you add the props, actors, etc, you need room for your goblin visitors to be able to walk by and have room to jump back if you scare them! Taking masking tape and placing it on the floor before you start can give you a feel for each room. Some folks have told us they add the  Halloween props before they “build” the wall of black fire retardant plastic.

Haunted House Plastic- Tip #4

Did you know there is black fire retardant tape that will hold up your plastic? The tape is an important consideration as well. It’s also used to tape pieces of plastic together. You can get the necessary fire certs for this tape as well.  If you don’t want to use tape, there are your standard methods such as staples or small nails.  Another idea is to hang a rope across the the top of the walls and drape the haunted house plastic over it.  One haunt created a “haunted bathroom” with a very bloody looking bathtub.  The shower curtain was our GPS Black Fire Retardant Plastic. At just the right moment, a bloody monster would slide the curtain open and scare the guests.  They used a recording of a shower running- and the guest just knew something horrible was going to appear from behind that shower curtain!

Haunted House Plastic- Tip #5

To use or not to re-use the next year?  So what do you think? Do you want to get a heavy mil thickness of fire retardant black plastic with the intention of re-using it next year? Or do you want to get the thinner mil (4 mil) and toss it when Halloween season is over? Companies that specialize in offering a wide variety of plastic sheeting products can offer you string reinforced plastic sheeting that is much thicker and stronger than the thinner black plastic that is used.  This string reinforced  plastic is really strong. It is used outdoors, and stands up to the elements. This plastic sheeting can be folded up and used time and time again. Keep in mind that it is heavier than other plastic sheeting products, so it will need a little more tape, or a few more staples to support it.

Have a Wonderful Halloween!  Keep the spirit alive. Halloween puts so many smiles of the faces of the young and old alike!

Haunted House Plastic Halloween Props.png

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