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Guide to Winterizing Your Outdoor Items with Heat Shrink Wrap

Posted by Global Plastic Sheeting on Thu, May 23, 2024 @ 04:30

Protect Your Outdoor Items This Winter with Heat Shrink Wrap

Once summer is winding down and as the colder months approach, protecting your outdoor belongings from harsh weather becomes a priority. Heat shrink wrap offers an effective and versatile solution to safeguard your boats, outdoor furniture, BBQs, and other valuable items from the elements. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of heat shrink wrapping, how to do it, and provide a comprehensive list of items that can be shrink-wrapped.

Benefits of Heat Shrink Wrapping

Heat shrink wrap provides a durable, waterproof barrier that protects against moisture, UV rays, dust, and debris. It’s an excellent way to keep your outdoor items in pristine condition, extending their lifespan and saving you money on potential repairs or replacements.

Items That Can Be Heat Shrink Wrapped

  1. Boats
  2. Outdoor Furniture
  3. BBQ Grills
  4. Lawn Mowers
  5. Motorcycles
  6. ATVs
  7. Garden Tools
  8. Patio Heaters
  9. Bicycles
  10. Outdoor Playsets
  11. Pool Equipment
  12. Firewood Stacks
  13. Air Conditioners
  14. Planters and Pots
  15. Trampolines

How to Heat Shrink Wrap Your Items

  1. Prepare Your Items: Clean and dry your items thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew growth. Remove any loose or detachable parts that could get damaged.

  2. Select the Right Film: Choose a shrink wrap film with an appropriate thickness for your needs. Common thicknesses range from 6 to 12 mils, with thicker films offering more durability and protection.

  3. Measure and Cut the Film: Measure the dimensions of your items and cut the shrink wrap film accordingly, leaving some extra material for overlap.

  4. Wrap the Items: Drape the film over your items, ensuring it covers all surfaces. Secure it with shrink wrap tape or straps if necessary.

  5. Apply Heat: Use a heat gun to evenly apply heat to the film, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Move the heat gun in a consistent motion to avoid overheating any one spot. The film will shrink and form a tight, protective seal around your items.

  6. Inspect the Wrap: Once the film has shrunk, inspect the wrap for any gaps or loose areas. Reapply heat as needed to ensure a secure fit.

Thickness Options and Considerations

  • 6 Mil: Suitable for smaller items or short-term protection. It's lightweight and easier to handle but offers less durability.
  • 8 Mil: A common choice for moderate protection needs. It provides a good balance of strength and flexibility.
  • 10 Mil: Ideal for larger items or harsher weather conditions. It offers increased durability and tear resistance.
  • 12 Mil: The thickest option, providing maximum protection for heavy-duty applications and long-term storage.

Additional Tips for Effective Heat Shrink Wrapping

  • Ventilation: Consider adding vents to the shrink wrap to allow for air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.
  • Padding: For items with sharp edges or protruding parts, use padding or foam underneath the shrink wrap to prevent punctures.
  • UV Protection: If your items will be exposed to direct sunlight, choose a shrink wrap film with UV inhibitors to prevent degradation over time.
  • Storage Location: Even with shrink wrap, store your items in a shaded, protected area if possible to further extend their lifespan.

10 Common Misconceptions or Questions About Heat Shrink Wrapping Outdoor Items

  1. Misconception: Heat Shrink Wrap is Only for Boats

    • Fact: While widely used for boats, heat shrink wrap is versatile and can protect various outdoor items like furniture, BBQs, and garden tools from harsh weather.
  2. Question: Is Heat Shrink Wrapping Difficult to Do?

    • Answer: Heat shrink wrapping is relatively simple with the right tools and instructions. A heat gun and a quality shrink wrap film are the main essentials.
  3. Misconception: All Heat Shrink Wrap is the Same

    • Fact: Heat shrink wrap comes in different thicknesses and materials, each suited for different levels of protection and types of items.
  4. Question: Can Heat Shrink Wrap Handle Harsh Winters?

    • Answer: Yes, high-quality heat shrink wrap is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV exposure, making it ideal for winter protection.
  5. Misconception: Shrink Wrap Will Trap Moisture and Cause Mold

    • Fact: When applied correctly, with proper ventilation, heat shrink wrap prevents moisture buildup and protects against mold and mildew.
  6. Question: Do I Need Professional Help to Shrink Wrap My Items?

    • Answer: While professionals can ensure the best results, many people successfully shrink wrap their items themselves with basic tools and guidance.
  7. Misconception: Heat Shrink Wrap is Expensive

    • Fact: While there are costs involved, heat shrink wrap is a cost-effective solution considering the protection and longevity it offers to valuable items.
  8. Question: Will Heat Shrink Wrap Damage My Items?

    • Answer: No, when applied correctly, heat shrink wrap provides a protective layer without causing damage. Proper padding can prevent any issues with sharp edges.
  9. Misconception: Shrink Wrap Can't Be Used on Irregular Shapes

    • Fact: Heat shrink wrap conforms to irregular shapes and sizes, making it suitable for various items, including those with unusual forms.
  10. Question: How Long Does Heat Shrink Wrap Last?

    • Answer: Depending on the thickness and environmental conditions, heat shrink wrap can last several months to a few years, offering durable protection throughout its lifespan.


Heat shrink wrapping is a highly effective method for winterizing and protecting a wide range of outdoor items. By choosing the right film thickness and following the proper application steps, you can ensure your belongings stay safe and in excellent condition throughout the winter months. Whether you’re shielding a boat, outdoor furniture, or garden tools, heat shrink wrap provides peace of mind and extends the life of your valuable items.

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