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Plastic Sheeting used in containment in construction and remodels

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, Jun 23, 2022 @ 09:23

Have you ever considered the possible impact of containing construction activities, large and small with the use of plastic sheeting?  First, this can save a large amount of time and money on each project, as the mess is contained to a minimal area, where it can be thoroughly cleaned.  If the surfaces are protected within the containment with self-adhesive surface protection or other protective covers, then cleanup time can be kept to an absolute minimum.

 Customers, neighbors, Cities, EPA, are much happier if construction mess is contained and kept to minimal levels. Contractors benefit from this happiness, both financially, and with a better reputation, making referrals for future projects much easier to get.

When heat shrink wrap is used on large projects to contain the area, the workspace can be heated to extend the "season" for many construction activities. Shrink Wrap Workers are more productive, because they can't see what is going on outside of the containment, and do not interact with the public.  Worksites are more secure, and safer.  The jobsite is also much less of an eyesore, and produces less impact on the environment.

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