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Flame Resistant Line (Rope) to the rescue!

Posted by Nana Hinsley on Thu, Dec 06, 2012 @ 10:50

For years and years, people have had a significant need for flame resistant/fire retardant rope! Yes ROPE, a strong, thick line or cord that has a circular circumference.  The aerospace industry has asked us for years to develop a flame resistant rope so they can tie off projects in their facilities.  The best we could do was offer a flame resistant/fire retardant woven strapping.  This strapping is flat in nature, and didn't tie very easily.

Our product engineers have been hard at work to make the first FLAME RESISTANT, FIRE RETARDANT ROPE!!!!  Some industries refer to rope as "line"- but no matter what you call it, GPS will have this FR Rope in early 2013!

It will tie easily, and it WILL NOT BURN!  The GPS Flame Resitant Line/Rope has a melting point of 1200 degrees, which is 300 degrees higher than Kevlar®. White in color, this product will offer great job safety.

Please call, 866.597.9298 for more information.

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