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A-20 Armorlon: Transforming Aerospace Containment Solutions

Posted by Global Plastic Sheeting on Tue, Mar 26, 2024 @ 09:58

A-20 Armorlon  Custom Polyethylene Containment Tarps

Containment tarps aerospace

In the realm of aerospace, where precision and safety are paramount, A-20 Armorlon containment tarps have emerged as indispensable tools. These tarps, crafted from high-quality materials, serve multiple functions, including debris containment during aircraft maintenance and repairs. Designed to withstand the rigors of aerospace environments, they provide crucial protection against foreign object debris (FOD), ensuring the integrity of critical components and enhancing safety protocols.

Aerospace Applications:

A-20 Armorlon containment tarps find extensive use in aerospace settings for:

  1. Debris Containment: During maintenance procedures, these tarps create a barrier to prevent debris, tools, and loose parts from falling into sensitive areas of aircraft, such as engines, avionics bays, and fuel systems. By containing FOD, they safeguard against potential damage and ensure compliance with stringent safety standards.

  2. Surface Protection: Whether covering aircraft surfaces during painting or shielding sensitive equipment from environmental elements, A-20 Armorlon tarps offer reliable protection. Their durable construction guards against scratches, abrasions, and chemical exposure, preserving the pristine condition of aircraft exteriors and critical components.

  3. Work Area Segregation: In bustling aerospace facilities, delineating work areas is essential for efficient operations and safety compliance. A-20 Armorlon tarps serve as effective barriers, partitioning spaces to minimize cross-contamination, control airflow, and enhance workflow organization.

Benefits in Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Transportation:

Beyond aerospace, A-20 Armorlon containment tarps find versatile applications across various industries:

  1. Construction: In construction projects, these tarps serve as protective covers for equipment, scaffolding enclosures, and containment barriers for debris and dust. Their rugged construction withstands harsh job site conditions, offering durability and longevity.

  2. Manufacturing: Within manufacturing facilities, A-20 Armorlon tarps contribute to process efficiency by segregating work areas, protecting equipment during maintenance, and containing spills or leaks. Their chemical-resistant properties make them suitable for handling hazardous materials safely.

  3. Agriculture: Agricultural operations benefit from A-20 Armorlon tarps for crop protection, soil erosion control, and equipment sheltering. These tarps shield crops from adverse weather conditions, facilitate controlled environment farming, and safeguard agricultural machinery from corrosion and damage.

  4. Transportation: In the transportation sector, A-20 Armorlon tarps serve as cargo covers, truck bed liners, and vehicle protection during transit. Their weatherproof and tear-resistant characteristics ensure the safe transport of goods, preventing damage from moisture, debris, and shifting loads.


A-20 Armorlon containment tarps stand as versatile solutions that transcend industry boundaries, offering reliable protection, containment, and segregation across diverse applications. From aerospace maintenance to construction sites, manufacturing facilities, agricultural fields, and transportation networks, these tarps play a crucial role in safeguarding assets, enhancing efficiency, and promoting safety in various environments. With their robust construction, durability, and adaptability, A-20 Armorlon tarps continue to be indispensable tools for industries worldwide, addressing a myriad of challenges and ensuring optimal performance in demanding conditions.

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