Ultra Scrim SR 6- LDPE  UV Resistant with a high-strength cord grid!

Ultra Scrim SR 6 marries two layers of linear low-density polyethylene with a high-strength cord grid.This film compares to a 6 mil poly. This plastic sheeting gives you great strength to hold up from tears but yet is lightweight and easy to work with.

Ultra scrim 6 plastic sheeting with string

Customers love this film because:

  • Custom tarps and covers can be made from this film by adding zippers, grommets, hems, tie-downs and more. Tell us what you are looking to cover, and this film can be manufactured to meet those custom needs.
  • Used for building enclosures and containment tents.
  • Shipping container covers and liners.
  • UV stabilization protects the material from degradation during extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Low permeability inhibits moisture transfer
  • Re-usable.... highly durable which save you money
  • Normally stocked in 12' x 100' & 20' x 100', 4' & 6' width fabricated up to 100' x 200'

Click here for Ultra Scrim SR 6 data sheet

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