The Global Plastic Sheeting Video Collection

Sometimes it is more interesting to see a product in action rather than read about what it can supposedly do.  We hope you will enjoy our short product videos.  Questions?  866.597.9298

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Greenhouse Films & Associated Products:

Britespan Tension Fabric Building Videos

Lettuce Rafts By Beaver Plastics

Evonik Stockosorb 660' Terra Moist part 1  

 Evonik Stockosorb 660/ Terra Moist part 2  

Evonik Stockosorb 660/ Terra Moist  fully hydrated

Fire Retardant Product Videos:

**Fire Retardant Plastic versus Non-Fire Retardant Plastic

Surface Protection Products Featuring  (Please click on links to view):

**Countertop Plastic- How to easily protect your counters with this self-adhesive film

Dust Containment-

An Actual Dust Containment Video In A Health Care Facility with ZipWall

**ZipDoor: How to seal off a door

** ZipWall Double Sided Tape: Hold plastic sheeting to the wall without harming the painted wall.

**ZipWall Standard Zipper How to Make a Dust Barrier Entrance

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GPS Fire Retardant Strapping (White with the red tracer liner)