Polyken 820 MEGAGRIP Permanent Waterproof Tape

 Polyken 820 MEGAGRIP Permanent Waterproof Tape

Secure/seal vapor barrier materials for concrete walls and floors. Sealing heavy-duty floor covering and protection materials. Waterproof patch and repair application on sheet metal, aluminum, copper, PVC, plastic sheeting, tarps, pool liners, and more. Waterproof bundling. Product number: 820 MEGAGRIP

Features & Benefits:

  • Polyethylene Film Backing
      • Conformable and flexible
      • Durable and tough
      • Withstands outdoor exposure and moisture
      • Low permeability
      • Hand tearable
  • Rubber Adhesive
      • Bonds to a variety of surfaces both underwater and out-of-water
      • Remains pliable - doesn't dry, harden, or crack
      • Initially repositionable - forms permanent bond
      • Forms permanent, water-tight bond
      • Excellent all-temperature performance
  • Kraft Paper Liner
    • Easy to remove and use



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